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Another year flew away!-Update!


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Well, on May 26, I made my way to my lung surgeon's office for my annual, big, scary appointment. Had my chest xray and then saw surgeon. For some reason, the xray tech needed to repeat the xrays once she saw them up on the computer screen and of course that threw me into an absolute panic while I waited to see my doctor. Fortunately, I only had to wait an hour to see the doc. Again, I got the "all clear" news! And, as is the case every time I hear this, all I can think is "Thank you Lord!"

I see my oncologist for an annual checkup and bloodwork today, and with the 7th anniversary of my lobectomy coming up on June 20, I'm feeling very lucky and grateful to be able to live the full life I have.

Those of you who have been with me all this time know how shaky I can get, particularly at scan and chest xray time, but, with your help, I've been able to get through the rough stuff. For me, the anxiety has been getting better, but it never goes away. Any little glitch in the way I feel sends me into a fit.

But, I guess that's the way it's going to be, and I've tried to convince myself that the only thing I can do is to take extremely good care of myself and safeguard my health in every way I can. Being proactive about my diet and exercise and other lifestyle issues at least makes me feel like I have some control over my situation, which is better than that powerless feeling that I had at diagnosis.

Anyway, as I celebrate my 7th anniversary of survivorship, and by the way my 9th anniversary of breast cancer surgery and treatment just happened too, I am very grateful for the life I have, and thanks to all of you for the fellowship and support over these years!


PS. Just an update on the oncologist visit. Everything fine! Come back in a year. They are all talking to me about that BRAC test, but that's a topic for another post soon!

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Absolutely wonderful to read such good news. Even better is that you describe the process that I know I go thru - it makes us all feel a lettle better to know we are not the only ones feeling anxiety - and it makes us do the happy dance every time someone posts a successful year as flown by! Can't wait to respond to the next good one!


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Cindy, I am all smiles reading your post. I SO identify with the anxiety ALWAYS with us. I remember you telling us how you would have to take off work a week before your scans due to it. I have walked in those very same shoes.

How remarkable you are here today (or yesterday, as it was) that you are a LONG time survivor of not one, but TWO cancers. Kudos to you. I'm so glad I got to actually meet you at Katie's in

texas and then see you again in Chicago. Sure would like to toast you in person. Maybe some day again, huh?


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My twin - you are one of those people that I don't talk to often, but it gives me so much comfort that you're there with me out in this world.

Congrats on the 7 years - we have made it girlfriend - next time I'm in Chicago I am going to MAKE time for lunch and dinner and we will celebrate together. Maybe I'll even drag you out for a tattoo. :-)

So glad to read this.

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