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New Patient..NEw Questions !


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Hello fellow Lungevity Members.

I was diagnosed almost 3 weeks ago with stage 3b nsclc, 4x9mm mass in upper right lobe and center nodes between lungs are enlarged greatly.

After fast research and alot of Q&A with many, I was treated today to Chemo AND Rad.

My question to all is this: it seems not to be common to treat LC's with BOTH chemo and radiation at the same time? thoughts?.

Chemo is scheduled for 1/week for 6 months...Rad 1/day Mon-Fri for 7 weeks.

Seem OK to you?



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Hi Dave,

Concurrent chemo and radiation is not uncommon in for Stage IIIB and is still the best option for potential cure. That's a pretty small nodule being treated. Sorry to hear that it got into the lymph nodes as well.

Have you had a chance to look in at the doctor moderated site http://cancergrace.org/ - especially the basic education posts such as this introduction:

http://cancergrace.org/lung/2010/04/05/ ... ng-cancer/

Did you have a biopsy prior to starting treatment?

Do you know what chemo you are taking?

And, most importantly, how are you doing?


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Hello Dave and welcome. Click below and see my story. I started with 2 chemo drugs and daily radiation. Wish you he success that I got! Please keep us posted.

Donna G

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Welcome, Dave!

I had both chemo and radiation as well ~ chemo once a week for 5 weeks and 22 rad treatments. Has it been discussed if you may be operable at some time in the future? If so, be careful of how much radiation you receive. There is such a thing as having received too much radiation if one is to ever be eligible for surgery. Just forewarning.

Sorry you must be here, but hope the folks here can be of some support and source of info for you.


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My husband was initially diagnosed with 3b and was getting chemo and radiation. Had to stop chemo for a short period when he got bumped to stage4 because they found brain mets. Did whole brain radiation and finished radiation to lung, then back to chemo.

Sorry you are going through this!

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I was staged 3A. I had daily radiation and weekly chemo (carboplatinum/taxol) for six weeks. I had very good results from that treatment and was able to have surgery. My surgery was in July, 2005. My scans have been clean since. Hope this helps.


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I had surgery first, as my thoracic surgeon felt I was stage I or II at the most. I didn't see an oncologist until after my surgery, and diagnosis of IIIa. My oncologist did not feel that chemo should be given as the side effects outweighed any potential benefit - the norm at that time. He signed me up for radiation, and a trial drug (Iressa) at the conclusion of radiation.

If your doctor is giving you radiation and chemo with the idea of surgery in the future, s/he needs to watch the amount of radiation you receive. There is a "magic" amount that makes you ineligible for surgery due to scar tissue not healing.

Best wishes,


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