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eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone

Is the font size of this mail bigger than usual or is it just me?I didnt change it, I have clicked the font size button to normal ,but nothings happened,oh well suppose it will be of benefit to any shortsighted readers.Its early 7.00am,sunny,blue skies not a cloud in sight guess its going to be hot today (thats in the seventies to me).I think this is the only time I can manage to post during the working week,time I get home from work and shower,dinner,relax for a few minutes,and its World Cup Football time-hurrah,sorry I have been a bit negligant of you all,I do feel a bit guilty.I have been skimming the mail,Judy seems you had a real good time with the family and kids,now you can ease up a bit,Bud thanks for the photo of the boat,boy am I jealous,she looks as if she can shift a bit?no wonder you enjoy your weekend fishing trips,love to join you,share a beer whilst fishing,no cigars though.

Got to dash,paper mountain awaits,finish work for couple of months a week on Friday,and move to new college next week,gosh I havent even started to pack yet,minimum paper tranfer allowed so Rhoda has been feeding the shredder

big style ,between entering all the students results into Unit e.If the works not completed,I will have to go back to work in July until it is done,so all hands to the pumps,see you soon.Oh dear I clicked the preview button and the print font is now smaller than normal yet here still large - Help- and I have another problem every time I complete a line,the last line scrolls outside the viewing box,boy what a morning,have a good day everyone

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Morning all! Eric, my font is large now but trust it will be normal when it posts as yours was. Wish hot meant 70s here. No No, 90s is hot here. Desktop temp says 86 so maybe it won't get so hi today.

Been battling allergies and sinuses terribly for a couple of weeks now. It takes me awhile but I can usually track down the culprit allergen. I've been doing this for many years. I'm afraid to say it but the start and timing of episodes seems to coincide with "I'm allergic to my new furniture!" Oh man, what a bummer. Stan will stop at the store today and pick up something made by Clorox that is fabric/color safe and is an anti-allergen. My daughter told me about it. I've bought stuff before but it couldn't go on furniture and stained my wall. It didn't even work so I'm skeptical but she recommends it so I'll try.

Have a great day everyone and happy Thursday to you too Katie.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 78 degrees when I got up this morning. The forecast high for this afternoon is 98 degrees. I didn't ride the bike in today and I'm taking another day off the bike tomorrow. I'm riding a 200k with speedier friends on Saturday, so want to be rested. Nothing more fun than a 200k on a 100 degree day, and it looks like that's what awaits on Saturday.

Eric, the font looks normal to me, so it must be a setting somewhere on your computer. I have the same problem with the text boxes scrolling when I edit a message. As I recall, it only happens with Internet Explorer at work, never with Firefox at home.

I hope you get your allergy thing solved soon, Judy. Have a great day, all!

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The font in my compose box looks larger than usual as well, but posts are normal. Kind of a relief for my eyes!

Tonight is graduation from my continuing education program. They haven't told us whether we all completed the course or not, but we are celebrating. Skipping the actual ceremony and going to the after party. What shall I do with my new Certificate?

Gray here, again. We finally got into the 70's last weekend and have seen moments of sun this week. The tomatoes and strawberries have fruit on them - we shall see if they ever turn red. Time for me to get a move on.

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Yes, I noticed my text looks huge when I type, but not when I post. I am a hurting girl. Tripped over my puppy and fell full impact on the floor, tile, on my back side. My left hip is a mess as is my lower back. X Rays say I'm good. So no complaints there. Got some Vicodin, and am going to rest and ice and hope things get back to normal soon.

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