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Together we can do more!

I’m pleased to announce the GREAT news that LUNGevity Foundation is merging with Protect Your Lungs! As a LUNGevity volunteer event coordinator and a message board user, it’s my belief that this merger will mean a combination of the best in lung cancer advocacy and research.

What does it really mean for us Lung Cancer Support Community members? It means a continuing effort by the Foundation to ensure a safe and supportive place for all of us to connect and support each other through our lung cancer journeys. It means a chance to plug into lung cancer news and advocacy opportunities, to exchange information, gain information, find HOPE and support.

The Foundation has always valued the Lung Cancer Support Community and its members and will more fluidly integrate the message boards and services into the newly revamped Foundation website. For years the message board has been an important service of the Foundation. And now, I’m elated to say, it will become an even more important, integral part of the Foundation.

While there will be changes to the board of directors and an upgraded website, users shouldn’t worry. The features and primary functions of our message boards will remain the same. In fact, the Foundation is making a concerted effort to offer more in terms of social networking and news for people affected by lung cancer by hiring a full time Manager of Advocacy Communication - me!

I’m thrilled to be dedicating my time fully to the members of our online support network and to the maintenance of the Foundation’s social media marketing. You can reach me directly anytime at kbrown@lungevity.org , on our message boards, via Facebook (www.facebook.com/LUNGevity) and on Twitter (@LUNGevity).

I encourage those of you interested in learning more about the merger to read our Executive Director, Beth Ida Stern’s, blog which will detail more of what the merger means from a business standpoint.

Together, we are one.

Together, we can do more!

Together, we will have a meaningful and immediate impact on lung cancer!

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