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Friday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone! TGIF!

It was 78 degrees when I got up this morning, with a forecast high of 98 degrees this afternoon. The south wind will be blowing.

It looks like the pace of my 200k ride tomorrow will be slower than I thought. I just found out that good friend Mark Metcalfe will be joining the other four of us on the ride. Mark just finished the Race Across the West last Saturday. The race route goes 860 miles across the Rocky Mountains from Oceanside, CA to Durango, CO. Mark finished the race in just over 66 hours, for 1st Place in his age bracket (50 to 59) and 2nd overall.

It takes weeks to recover from that kind of effort. Mark will likely need to ride a slow pace tomorrow, even by my standards. Some of the people I ride with are pretty amazing.

Rose asked what I wanted to do for Father's Day on Sunday. My answer was predictable. We'll be getting up early and going crappie fishing.

Have a great weekend, all!

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Well, guys if it's not hot where you are...be thankful. The heat is really bad here in central Florida. When I walk out of my office during the day to get the mail, the heat just about knocks me over. Heat and Florida are no strangers but this is very early for it to be this hot. I'm praying that this heat and warm ocean temperatures don't stir up a really rough hurricane season.

I am soooooooooo glad that it's finally Friday, my always favorite day of the week! Tonight is going to be a really fun night! There are about 10 of us gals that are getting together for a "Ya-Ya" party. Remember the parties from the movie? Well, we have sparklers, booze and lots of food. We've all been friends for a long time, so this should be fun. This will be like a jam session without any musical instruments. So, I wish all of my gal pals from the MB could be here with us.

Hope everyone has some great plans for the weekend. Please share all the details with us on Monday's Air.

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Now my original Air post shows up! My computer has gremlins today!

Morning All! Sorry I'm so late. I had to go in and harvest my fv crops first. I stopped for breakfast and then had the office catch-up work I've been doing since the kids left on my mind and just forgot to come here until break-time.

Bud, I'm so glad you have someone to pace that ride down with you. From what I've been told by men, you all sometimes have a little trouble with a physical "keeping up with the Joes" thing. Have a great Father's Day fishing.

Ann, it says it's 88 here, expected high of 90. The humidity is only in the 60s so I don't know why it says feels like 99. I haven't been out yet so I don't know. I do a ladies weekend every year so I know you gals will have a blast.

Stan and I went over our revised work-travel schedule with all the ifs ands and buts created by my May scan. It will all work out somehow but it really complicates things when we are waiting for what happens July 7. Hopefully we'll go right to our first job from there without any delay for a biopsy. I've managed to get this far without surgery and if they can't remove the cancer, that's a good thing. I'd really hate to be cut now on a seems like, similar too. Am not sure I would consent to it.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good afternoon all! It's 80, heading to a gorgeous 84 today! Sun is shining, and low humidity. Perfectly lovely.

New puppy is adorable. Just love, love, love her.Socute600x400.jpg

Not sure if I uploaded this correctly, but hopefully it works.

Spent yesterday at a Med center. Tripped over the new puppy, Olive, didn't see her and fell backwards. Thought my hip was really hurt. Good news: No broken bones, just a hell of a bruise. I can handle that.

Bud, good luck with the race. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Judy in MI

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Good Evening Everyone,

Beautiful day and evening here,warm and sunny,isnt Fridays the bees knees.

Too bad I was at work to-day,missing the USA V Slovenia match,all the media are reporting it was the match of the tournament so far,America were down 2-0 by half - time,they came out in the second half and brought the score back to level pegging,then they scored again,only to have it chalked off for no apparent reason,maybe the refs relatives are on the board on BP?.England V Algeria just starting,,many Scots say they cannot begin to enjoy the football until England is knocked out,England won the trophy in 1966,and since they control the media,there was no escape for Scots,since for years afterwards,they showed replay after replay,on TV programmes on the slightest of links.Well on this occasion I am going to take a more mature line,I am going to remain absolutely neutral and just enjoy the spectacle,oh enough of that "Come on Algeria,knock them for six".

Bud,enjoy your 200k cycle to-morrow (phew)and a happy relaxing Fathers Day on Sunday,hunting the crappies.

Ann,good to hear from you again,dont know about Ya-Ya parties,But I sure can appreciate the menu ,girls,sparklers,booze and plenty of food.Unaccompanied singing?perhaps Donny and I could come along with our acoustic guitars to assist? Hey Donny where are you?I haveny heard from you in a while,come on, get with the beat.

Hi Judy-harvesting your fv crops?sounds backbreaking,what is it?hope the surgery remains off your menu permanately.

Hi Judy MI,your dog looks so cute,we describe such dogs in Scotland as hand-knitted,sorry to hear about your fall,are you sure you tripped over the dog,and not had one too many vino collapsoes,only kidding,I am glad you escaped with bruises.

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.

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