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Hi Katie - I'm heartbroken to report that we've lost my amazing Dad. He'd had a stay in hospital just after Easter with a collapsed lung (the good one). After 3 chest tubes and a month in the hospital, during which time he dropped from the already painfully thin 121 lbs down to 109 lbs and developed a horribly painful bedsore, he was finally released home.

We were as thrilled to have him back home as he was to be there again. The lung cancer had remained unchanged since dx in October '09, so we'd hoped that he'd finally be able to focus on getting stronger & ready for any treatments needed when the time came for that battle.

Monday, June 7 he died suddenly while putting air in the tires of his car at the gas station. The coroner was uncertain but ruled it a cardiac event, which is peculiar as Dad had no history of heart trouble. He suffered a nasty head trauma when he fell to the ground so we believe he fainted, hit his head and somehow passed away as a result.

This beautiful man never complained and deserved so much more than the hand that was dealt him. We are devastated.

I wanted to thank everyone for their comments and kind words over the past 7 months. I wish you and all of the other folks on this board the very best. My thoughts and prayers to everyone.

Kind Regards, Kim

PS - if you could please post this I'd appreciate it greatly.

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