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Seeing the neurologist this friday for my mystery spasms. Thought it was this week, but it's not. Frustration eats at me, s I deal with the on-going saga. The last specialist prescribed Xanax to help with the spasms, and the good news was it was really helping! It did make me groggy, and at times felt confusion, but I was keeping the dose low and trying to cope with the side effects.

Then Wednesday night, I fell backwards, tripping over my new puppy. Thursday, I felt horrid, and went to the Med Center. They said I just bruised myself badly, and prescribed Vicodin. They told me to go off the Xanax, and the two really would make me tired and confused.

It well until today. I've been off the Xanax since Thursday, and today I had an attack that brought me to my knees. And then the hospital called, and said they mis-diagnosed the damage from the fall, and that I fractured my sacrum, which are the bones above the tailbone in the spine. They wanted to know if I had enough pain medication to get through the weekend, and suggested I follow up with my regular doctor on Monday, as I am probably going to be in severe pain for a few weeks. Said there's nothing they can do other than have me ice it, and stay off it.

Stay off it???? What am I supposed to sit on? They suggested I get a donut seat if the pain gets worse.

As I started my post.....*sigh*

So I hope and pray the neurologist will be able to figure out what these attacks are, and help with a solution that is something other than mind numbing drugs.

Working on that attitude, the glass is half full....the glass is half full.....the glass is half full.....the glass is half full.......the glass is half full.........


Judy in MI

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Judy, I don't think we've been properly introduced. I've read ALL your posts and can only offer my caring and support. I have MANY issues that nobody is getting to the bottom of - or should I say to which nobody is getting to the bottom. Be vigilant and your own best advoate. I am sick and tired of having to do that, but what else to do????? Hope somebody listens and gets you fixed up. In the meantime, I guess you just stand up all the time!!!!!! Isn't that the pits???


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Judy, I am so sorry to hear about your fracture and that your apptmt for the spasms is a week later than you thought. I don't know anyone who has a more positive attitude than you. I think it's time you catch a break. Lay low for a couple of days and grog out on meds if you have to. Some situations are best just sleeping through. Hope things look up for you real soon.

Judy in KW

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Judy in MI, seems if it's not one thing, it's another! We have so many friends and acquaintances who have had serious falls recently. Maybe we're not supposed to be upright creatures after all and need to revert to moving around on all-fours. Here's hoping you'll be able to write a good news post soon! Aloha,


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