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Eric's Millport Charity Walk

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Hi Everybody,

Just thought I would share the pictures from my fundraising walk in Millport. We dont know the full amount collected yet, sure to find out next week. Anyway here are the pictures, it was quite hard to bring pick the best but let me know what you think.






















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I love those pictures. Thank you for posting them! The scenery is gorgeous and the people must be having a wonderful time.

One favor (please): I'd love to know what I'm looking at in the pictures - name of water? buildings? also, are those mountains or hills. They're beautiful.


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Good Evening Everybody,

Thank you so much for your positive comments on my charity cancer walk around Great Cumbrae recently,since you ask me for more details,of the pics I am delighted to oblige.Pics one and two is Claire the founding member of the charity,that has been running for 11 years,in that time she has been responsible for raising over £300,000 in memory to a lost friend to cancer.and she has my total admiration.I dont know the current exchange rate in dollers,but I know,it s a lot of cash going to cancer charities,and a primary school in Malawi,in giving every child who attends a meal,Scotland has a close link with Malawi for over a century,due to our Scottish explorer hero Dr David Livingstone attempts the Christianise the country,he was a total failure,converting only one person if I remember correctly,but is remembered more for being the first European to discover the Victoria Falls and for freeing some African slaves from being transported to the new world.I have visited his home where he was brought up in Blantyre near Glasgow several times which is currently a museum.Pic 3 a random group of participants Pic 4 the ferry that tranfers our eight coaches to Millport,this is situated on the Firth of Clyde,

or estuary as you may be more familar with.Pic 4 a group of ladies posing next to their coach,notice the label on their chests,which identifies the name of the coach they belong to,my bus is called Sumo(Susan and Maureen)Susan is my sister Irenes sister-in-law,I dont know what her relationship is to me,but we are great friends.They are responsible for ensuring that everyone who gets off the bus returns safely and running the coach raffle.Pic 6 I am afraid is outside the American culture,In the UK at the beginning of the television era in the 50s a great favorite of children,was the puppets called Andy Pandy(on the right) and his girlfriend Louby Lou.Pic 7 yours truly.Pic 8 my wee sister Irene,with our group of hikers,including Sumo.Yours truly with my wee sister,whom I love to bits.Pic 9, two sisters who recently lost their mum to lung cancer who were absolutely delighted when I told them,I would sent their pics to this site in America.Pic 10 includes the son of the lady who died of to whom the walk is dedicated to.Pic 13 random group of lady participants.Pic 14 time to relax after vthe bike and hike.Pic 15 the grounds outside the hostelry,Pic 16,a view of the Scottish Mainland from Great Cumbrae.Pic 17,approaching Largs from the ferry.Pic 18 leaving Great Cumbrae.Last but not least Largs a very old town in Scotland,scene of a famous battle Scots against the Vikings in the 12th century? which resulted in a viking defeat and they never returned to Scotland again.I think I made a little error about 12 and 13 please forgive me,but I didnt know how to go back and check without risking losing what I had already typed,hope it didnt spoil your reading.I have to thank Chris for his posting of these pics,since I dont have clue how to do it,I have sent some more to Ned directly,perhaps If he has some spare time he could post them in.(Sorry Ned for taking advantage of your good nature) Goodnight everyone thank you if you managed to stay this long,you deserve a medal.

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Eric, you did a great job selecting the pics to post. They certainly show what a grand and exciting event the walk was. And to think you were the only guy among all those gals. Have a feeling you may have some competition next year when word get around. What odd dress? Have you heard of Fantasy Fest in Key West lol.

Judy in KW

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