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Hi Everybody.

I wonder if you can help me. I've been recently diagnosed and undergoing treatment and I've heard of this new drug that protects healthy cells, leaving the cancer cells exposed to the chemo. It's being administered in California by the Berkerley Institute.

I'm considering flying to the states for this treatment. Has anyone tried it or do you know of anyone that has?


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HI and Welcome here!

I am sure there will be others with information for you but I also would suggest posting at www.cancergrace.org where there are lung cancer specialists who can tell you in greater detail about the drug you are referring to.

This is a great place for support and I look forward to reading your posts and supporting you along your lung cancer journey.



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Welcome here! I have not heard of this drug, but I'm not in the medical profession. Just wanted to welcome you here and wish you the best. Do check out the web link Katie left you. We have amazing doctors there that will know what you are talking about.

Keep us posted on how you are doing!

Judy in MI

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