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Last night my Mom had her port put in and we are hoping to get to take her home today. The rest of her Chemo will be done at the Oncologist's office as will the Radiation. So, my questions are for those that are caregivers to those that have SCLC to help me prepare the house for her homecoming.

How many with SCLC are using Oxygen at home as well as breathing treatments?

Is there anything I should know about being extra careful about germs and stuff when Mom comes home? The nurse told us that we will have to be vigilant in keeping people from coming around her unless they wear masks and gloves. That upset Mom as she thinks people will treat her like a leper.

What precautions do you suggest or have done while they are on Chemo (while their white count is so low) and if you have any tips that would help make her more comfortable (diet tips, etc) that would also be so appreciated. We are carving out new territory here and want to make it as easy on Mom as possible.

It is so nice to have everyone here that really understands what this is all about and has been through what we are getting ready to go through ourselves!

Prayers and Hugs......Linda

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Hi Linda,

I can't add much of anything to what Katie has said. She is right on the money. My son and his wife popped in during dinner one night and stayed to eat. We were eating shrimp cocktail, mashed potatos, cold kielbasa and fruit. They didn't say a word - just ate and after dinner my son simply said "That was a very odd dinner to me". I replied "Welcome to the world of chemotherapy eating". My husband eats food he would NEVER touch before (chicken). If I am not quick enough getting it on the table, his appetite could be gone in less than five minutes or what he wants to eat could change. He asked my son to pick him up a ham & cheese sandwich from Subway the other day and by the time it got to him he couldn't even look at it. One thing I have learned from this board is to NOT ask him what he wants, now I just cook it. I can't tell you how frustrated Hugh and I both were at first with me hounding him about what he wanted to eat (or buy at the grocery store) when he simply did not know. It took this board to make me realize that he really did not know, he wasn't being difficult on purpose! I now keep different fruit available, pudding, jello, icecream, etc. I love Katie's idea about the coffee table pantry.

We also don't wear masks or gloves and we go shopping, etc. I, like Katie, try to keep sick children and grandchildren away from him. I have found I have to be REALLY STRONG with the sick grandchildren because their parents tend to think that having the kids around will make grandpa feel sooo much better. He adores the kids, but when he isn't feeling well, that's not always the case. They are loud and active and he is bone-achingly tired. I work in the school so I am aware when colds or flus are going around and I tell them not to come. There noses get out of joint and once in a while they get huffy because their feelings get hurt and because they think I am overreacting. (In all fairness to them, I have always been an "overreactor" so I guess that's why they think that. Its hard on everyone concerned, but you will learn to gauge your Mom's needs. And just a note about something that happened to me the other day. I had company pop in the other day who had a really bad cold. I was horrified, not like she didn't know that Hugh was sick and dealing with very low blood counts! I had even talked with her about the problem of our sick grandchildren. I took a deep breath and told her that she couldn't stay. That is really hard for me, but, I figure Hugh has to come first. I Lysoled the heck out of my house. I wonder if she will ever come to visit again? :lol:

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Hi Linda,

I am wondering too why the nurse said to wear gloves and a mask, hmmm........... They didn't tell us that, just for my mom to avoid getting near sick people. I have become a complete germ-a-phobe!!!! I carry purell everywhere and I use it on mine and my 2 year old's hands all the time. Since we are with my mom everyday I know we have to try and avoid being sick. I gave my mom purell and this other stuff that is like a lotion that you put on your hands and it is supposed to repell germs. Unfortunately since my mom stays with us at times, she's been around my daughter when she's had a cold, we are just extra careful. Knock on wood, she's never caught it from us. Just be sure to call the onc if a cold, fever, etc. is suspected with your mom. They usually put them on antibiotics right away. My mom's went on them 3 times since starting chemo, she calls right away when she feels sick.

My mom's a good eater most of the time, I just have to get on her to eat more in the am. When she's here during the day I just make her breakfast and lunch and put it in front of her. She eats dinner with us just about every night so she eats what we do.

Also, my aunt found this stuff in the drug store called "ulcer ease" that is great for mouth sores that you sometimes get from chemo. I know it's great b/c I used it when I had mouth sores, (my mom never had them, I guess I was getting them for her!!!! :lol: ) Also baking soda tooth paste is good for that. My mom also always drinks Boost, those are great to have around if she'll drink them. My mom likes Boost better than Ensure.

That's all I can think of right now. Hang in there, glad to hear your mom's coming home!!:)

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