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Loss of My Wife


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My wife Pat lost her struggle with lung cancer and passed away on Friday 18 June 2010. She bravely fought both the cancer and the effects of chemo until her body could take no more.

I was with her until late on Thursday when I made her comfortable before she insisted I leave.

Shortly after midnight the hospital informed me of her passing

Pat I will never forget you, your unselfish love for me and the children will be cherished forever.

Your Heartbroken Husband of 38 years


Rest In Peace

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Ronnie there was something that I did when Deb passed that helped me deal with things tha might help you!! go outside in the evening and talk to her! Just look up at all the stars and know she is watching over you and talk.. Tell her everything that happens today.. If you like that you can get the kids involved also..

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My heat goes out to you Ronnie.... I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved wife.

Please accept my deepest condolences. May the wonderful memories keep her alive in your heart.


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Dear Ron,

I understand the loss. It is severe and a break from what we have known.

What helps me, dear Ron, is having the knowledge that Bill is still with me. He will be - always.

Talking to him is part of my daily routine. I loved him deeply and always will.

So .... talking to him every day is only a continueance of what we have always done.

We are not parted - only on a slightly diffrent dimension. :)



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