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Funny Chemo quotes


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I am working on a project and I need funny quotes about or during the chemo treatment process... doesn't have to be about hair...

here is an example..

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow.

Kickin cancer's butt one drip at a time


Your help would be greatly appreciated..

Lots of love,

:) Jamie

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Navy bean soup in a tube? Yummy!! (NavelBine)

One of Debs sayings and dont know if anyone else thought of that one!!

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This from a family and friends report:

She has been troubled a bit with what is commonly known as "chemo-brain." It's a slight cognitive dysfunction which is manifested in some disorganization, short-term memory and attention loss. She, of course, is by nature Ms Cognitive Function and the perfect picture of attentiveness. Her work, and very being calls for such skills, and while it does my puerile heart good to see some flaws in her maddening propensity for memory precision and always being together, it's a little disconcerting to her. We're assured by the docs, and the Cancer People we've met, that this is temporary -- once they stop poisoning her, it'll go away

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