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Tuesdays Air.

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Beautiful sunny morning,looks like its going to be a scorcher today (70s).What will I do today,cut the grass? start decorating the front bedroom?pick up a couple of books from the library and have a quiet read out the back,or something else?let you know later how the day went.

I mailed in to you a rather long winded boring report on my most enjoyable conference at Stirling yesterday,it was a bit political also regarding the UKs support and funding of cancer. After I clicked submit,it disappeared into the ether,you have been spared I think?I dont really have the stamina to re-write and it may have been a bit inappropriate for this column,I did ask the panel to reflect on the lack of fairness in the distribution of funds allocated to lung cancer research being only 4% of the total budget also the lack of progress of improving the post 5 year survival rate of 7% over the last 30 years remaining unchanged,the panels replies were quite frank eg lung cancer is not sexy,dosnt involve children,and mainly self-inflicted,this cancer advocancy is going to be much more of a challenge than I thought it would be.

Anyway it wasnt all doom and gloom,lots of positive issues were raised in the discussion groups,which will be collated into a report to the Scottish Parliament,and I feel I made good contribution to the proceeds,I of course mentioned the value of support given to cancer survivors,by such organisations as Lungevity,cancergrace,CBN and the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Org.I will also receive a copy of the report in due time.

Best part was meeting a lot of lovely people,from all types of backgrounds,professional cancer pratitioners and suvivors alike,met a great guy Tom, a 17 year LC survivor,unfortunately I forgot to exchange our contact details,maybe I will meet him again at some future conference?I also got to meet Nichoa Sturgeon,hoped to get a pic of her and me to-gether,but she left the conference after her opening speech,she really is a nice person.

Took some pics at the conference,the Uni campus,surrounding landscapes also the Wallace Monument and on the way home,I stopped off at the battlefield of Bannockburn and took some pics of my favourite statue in Scotland, Robert the Bruce on horseback wearing his battle armour,I will post them in whenever I get hold of Chris,or back to Ned to ask another favour?See you,have a really nice day whatever you are doing.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 72 degrees with light rain when I got up this morning. There was enough lightning in the area that I drove to work, rather than riding. Forecast high is 87.

I didn't make it to group last night. It's an hour drive across the metroplex under the best of conditions, and when you have the kind of downpours we were having yesterday evening, it's one of those "no way to get there from here" scenarios.

The conference sounds like a grand adventure, Eric. And, yes, you're right, advocating for lung cancer funding isn't easy.

Not much else happening here. Have a great day, all!

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Hello all! Beautiful day here! 68 degrees, and mild. No humidity! Yeah!

Eric, God bless you for advocating for lung cancer. Yeah, it's not sexy, does not involve children, and yet....it's the #1 cancer killer of women now. So it does involve children in an in-direct way. Don't know the stats about men, but do know it surpassed breast cancer in women. If that's not cause for concern I don't know what is. Thank you for what you are doing.

Can't wait to see your pictures! I still have to put the pics of my new dog on line, just have not made the time to do it.

Well, I'm heading out for "work". Lots to do as we have two festivals we are participating in yet this month! Yikes. Lots to do to prepare for this.

Have a good day everyone!

Judy in MI

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Heyo, 61 here this morning, forecast says 97 today. A day for me to hide inside.

Played Sunday morning at the NicFest. It went pretty well, I lasted the hour and didn't pass-out at all. Very sick since then tho.

Angers me that lung cancer is looked up as self induced cancer, I'm sure all the people who have never smoked or been around cigarettes who have lung cancer are happy to hear they went out searching for a way to get cancer. I know that was not my intent when I picked up my first cigarette at about 9 yrs old to try to look cool.

I want to thank everyone for all the input on here. I love reading about the days that everyone has and how you guys deal with everyday. So many great hobbies, hard workers, teachers, advocates, volunteers, family members, spouses, and friends. Its just inspiring, thanks.

Have a whole day.


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