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phone buddy?


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Any Path Less Travelled folks willing to be a phone support buddy for those at a crossroads?

Not looking for anyone to give treatment advice, horror stories, or to sway a patients choices one way or another.

The person for this job would just be able to listen and offer support and understanding so that the patient who is at a crossroads in their treatment options doesn't feel like they are going thru this alone and that someone really understands.

Please let me know if you would be willing to be a phone buddy.

Bless you,


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Hi Katie,

Although I am at the other side of the pond,I would be delighted to support your request in helping anyone,who is having to deal with LC ,particularly from the outset of a new diagnosis.I am even willing to offset the phone charges,by a donation if required.God bless.


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Thank you Eric! That's very sweet!!

I will put you on our angel list (email of course)

If a patient contacts me looking for a buddy (1- similar dx., or 2-similar gender) I will definitely connect them to yoU!!

This woman is about to enter a pallative care facility (hospice) in Vermont USA and is alone, without family, and without internet. Her circumstances are a bit specific so I'm hoping someone in late stage or someone who has chosen not to do treatment will befriend her and offer some support.



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Katie, I am a mentor for lung cancer men and women here for Gilda's Club. I'd be happy to talk to her. My experience has been an Uncle who chose to get treatment, an Aunt who chose treatment, and my Mom who chose no treatment. I am not biased about who chose the right path, I understand the motives behind each of their choices and why they made them.

So if you think I could help, let me know!

Judy in MI

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