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Friday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone! TGIF!

It was 71 degrees when I got up this morning, with a forecast high of just 81 with all the cloud cover. The weather radar is pretty impressive right now, with rain over the southwest two thirds of Texas, but it's not raining here.

I drove to work, taking a rest day off the bike before tomorrow's 200k. Between the rain, last weekend's 300k, and tomorrow's 200k, I only rode to work twice this week.

I hope everyone has a fun 4th of July weekend planned. I'll be riding tomorrow, then fishing Benbrook Lake Sunday morning, then our daughters and grandkids are coming over for a pool party. Besided being Independence Day, Sunday is also my grandson's birthday. Monday, one of my daughters and I are going fishing.

Have a great Friday and holiday weekend, all!

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Hope you all have a fantastic holiday weekend in the US of A!!!!! For the others, same thing! Enjoy this beautiful summer.

We are expecting warm temps, but nice weather overall which is nice. Hubs went to work today so I assume the flu incident is over now, so we'll go out tonight and eat somewhere with an outdoor patio. Tomorrow the lake next door to us has their fireworks, and they shoot them off a hill that overlooks our little lake. So we're going to friends home for BBQ and games, and then over to our home for the fireworks! Fun.

On the 4th, we will probably put the boat in somewhere and tool around on that all day. It's supposed to storm on the 5th, so we're likely to hang out at home or go shopping to kill some time.

Going to be nice.....hope you all enjoy too!

Judy in MI

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Finally feeling a bit better today. I slept about 19 hours yesterday, coughed almost non-stop whenever I was awake. Today I'm not coughing as much so going to try to stay awake for a while.

No holiday plans for me, going to try out a new church Sunday morning, very small congregation, hope we can fit in. Fireworks are illegal in the county I live in, but the city does a large fireworks show on the 4th every year. It is set to music and played on a couple of radio stations, you can see it from almost anywhere in town because they do it on top of a large hill north of town. The city is all down in a valley between the hill and a mountain to the south.

It's been in the 90s here every day this week, going to start cooling down over the next few days. Maybe get a little bit of rain, heck you never know around here in the summer. I've seen snow in the middle of July before. I have a friend who owned a motorsports dealership. He said he has snowmobiled somewhere in Wyoming in every month except for August.

Yall have a happy holiday and think of the folks in Norway. They celebrate 4th of July in some parts of Norway, sure is a wild world.


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