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Monday's Air


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Morning All! 78 in PSL, 83 in KW. It was interesting yesterday, it was 84 at one point in PSL and a cooler 82 in KW. The weather has been lovely since I'm here. There have been times it was so hot and humid I wished I were in KW where we at least usually have a breeze.

Sounds like everyone had a good 4th. We missed the fireworks. Take your pic: the were the previous day or they moved the location lol. My daughter is not know for having it together lol. We drove to where they were supposed to be then to her house watching private works on the way. There were some very impressive ones in her neighborhood. We sat outside in the drizzling rain and watch as her boyfriend Tommy and Dominick set off appropriately modest ones. It was fun for Dominick so we were happy.

It will be a holiday again for some of you, I think. Eric, in the States, when a holiday falls on a Sat or Sun, many businesses have the following Monday off. Nice three-day weekend huh!

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in PSL

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Sorry you missed the fireworks Judy.

We celebrate Canada Day on July 1st and usually most city's have fireworks. Unfortunately when you live in the land of the midnight sun, it is not much point in having fireworks !!!

Little chillier than normal in the knife today but I have meetings all morning and hopefully it will warm up by this afternoon/evening.

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Good morning all!

Bruce, I had to google where you are when you referenced the midnight sun. Wow, you are up there! Our favorite vacation place in the whole world is Alaska. We love Northern climates, and mother nature, and all it has to offer. How awesome and beautiful it must be where you are.

Fireworks in the day light would be strange for sure!

Well, here it is a normal Great Lakes humid, hot session. These usually last around 4 days and then the storms come and it's all lovely again. It's cloudy and hot, and not nice out, so we'll likely do something indoors today. Maybe a movie. It's nice to have hubby home on a Monday!

Judy, sorry you missed the fireworks, but laughing with you on how you spent the night. Nice!

Everyone take care today.

Judy in MI

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Another gray morning. We actually went out for a walk during the neighborhood fireworks attack - to the south, north, east and west of us! Pretty amazing what you can see in a city that does not permit fireworks! But it started raining too heavily for how we were dressed and home we came.

I just checked the weather forecast - tomorrow is suppose to be 80, moving up to 89 the rest of the week, "heat wave" continuing. Okay, I'll start complaining now! I'd be really happy if we could just stay in the low 70s - t-shirt weather to me. I guess after today there is no rain in the forecast. Back to watering the vegetables - the grass will just go brown.

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Good Evening Everyone,

Weather another cloudy day with intermittent heavy showers,kept me mainly indoors except for running Sally up to the bank and a bit of shopping,although the clouds have now began to disperse and the sun has come out to give us a lovely evening.

Very lazy day,read the newspapers,picked up Patrick Swazes book"Time of my life" again that I started but never completed,read it to completion.No footie or tennis today,so I am really quite bored,I am used to having something each day to keep me occupied,but everyones out at work, what a bummer.Front bedroom needing redecorating, think I will start that to-morrow, just to keep me buzy.

Seems you all have had a great July 4th,forgot about Canada Day on the !st Bruce,hope you had a good time also.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend everyone,maybe Ill have more to talk about to-morrow?

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