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Wednesday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 73 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast calls for a high of 88. The 30 percent chance of storms became a 60 percent chance after I got to work, and an 80 percent chance tomorrow. Yesterday afternoon, it was pouring at 2:00, but had quit and pretty much dried out by the time I rode home at 3:30.

All this rain is unusual for us here in July. I feel like I'm living in the dog days of summer in Atlanta, rather than July in Texas.

I know what you mean about the tent camping, Donny. We did a lot of it when our kids were young, and it was fun, but I got my fill of it then. These days, when I go fishing, I just make one day trips closer to home, and skip the camping.

Let us know how the support group meeting goes, Eric. Have a great day, all!

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Morning All! 86 degrees in PSL. Yes it is Wed and we should be on our way to Orlando. Speaking of "camping" Bud, anyone who is wishing they had an RV should consider how many times I report we are left "sitting." Got a great battery and all new tires now so it must be the starter or a celluloid. Yes, I asked for a latte and we stopped at the first rest stop and that's where we sit.

Hope you all have a great, certainly better day than we are having.

Judy in PSL

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Ah Judy, sorry about your transportation troubles. Hope you get going soon.

It's 92 here and miserable again. The humidity prohibits you from getting outside. It's just plain nasty. We are working in a food booth Friday and Saturday at a local festival, and I pray this front breaks up by then! I don't think I can spend 4 hours hawking hot dogs in this!

Busy weekend coming up. We set up for the festival on Thursday, help set up again on Friday. We have a four shift on Saturday, then a graduation party for a nephew, and then a lake party with friends. Busy, busy, busy! And fun I hope!

Judy in MI

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They say it is going to be 102 here in So. Oregon today - I'm hoping they are wrong! We don't have the humidity the east coast does though, so it is a little more bearable and always cools down at night. We were supposed to be camping this week, but got too busy at work. Can't say I'm sorry - I agree with Bud in that camping isn't quite as much fun as it was when I was 30 (we don't have an RV), and at least I get to work in AC. Wouldn't mind being over on the coast though where it stays around 70 - or up on the river fishing would be nice too. But work calls . . . and am just grateful to have work right now.


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Good Evening Everyone,

Sunny with brocken cloud to-day,warm winds blowing, excellent weather for walking.

Aw what a shame Judy,about difficulties re-starting the RV,if I could only drop by and give you a push I would,hope you get moving soon,isnt this all part of the holiday fun though,anyway it could have happened miles from the nearest cafe/shops?

Ginny,101 degrees boy thats hot,I was in Malta some years back and that was the norm in summer,why not visit Scotland for the summer?bring your fur coat and dont forget the brolly and the wellies.

Stephanie,great to hear from you,Yes,I am an offical lung cancer advocate for the Roy Castle LC.Org,and hope to be as supportive to their aims as possible,they have invited me to become a media spokesperson for them,training provided,well as an old extrovert,I couldnt possibly turn them down.By the way,you may not know about Roy Castle,well he was a very versatile and popular TV enterainer,who I have watched just about all my life,he could sing, dance and play any musical instrument you gave him,his main instrument was the trumpet,he was a non-smoker that developed Lung Cancer,common opinion was he had been passive smoking in cabaret clubs and bars for years ,breathing in all the cigarette smoke,he unfortunately died some years ago,and this LC support organisation came into being,to fight this terrible disease.

My sister took Max to Blair Drummond Safari Park to-day as a birthday treat,I didnt go since I was pre-booked for my cancer support visit to-day,its a great day out,with all types of wild animals and amusements for the kids,so he would have really enjoyed himself.I have a good story to share about this park .Some years ago a teacher friend of mine,used to work in a branch of the social services,she worked with real tough problematic kids from Glasgow,well she arranged a bus trip for these kids to visit Blair Drummond.The vehicle entered the lion enclosure and stopped for a while to observe a pride of lions having a lazy siesta about the trees some distance away.Alison noticed the back door of the bus was open,and a couple of the kids had got out for a wander,next minute the zebra painted land rover cut in in front of the kids and pulled them into the landrover,covered by another ranger with a high powered rifle.Alison had to report and witness in the head rangers office these young rascals bollicking, when finished,one of the youngsters chimed in with "But mister we didnae touch the lions"

Must dash Germany V Spain is just about to start,thinks Germany is going to win,and probably pick up the trophy in the final against Holland on Sunday,they are just playing so well.

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Well, it's blazing hot here on Florida's Space Coast and I really hate the thought of leaving my office and hitting the heat. When you open a door to go outside, the heat just overcomes you and it takes the body a few seconds to adjust to the sudden temperature change. I'm just hoping that this really hot summer doesn't bring us a tough hurricane season. I can take the heat better than I can live through a hurricane...any day!

KW Judy...so sorry to hear you're having RV woes. I know what a pain it can be to be dealing with any type of auto repairs and the waiting is unbearable. Thank goodness you have a generator so that you can keep cool. I hope you're up and rolling long before you even read this message.

Judy ...I hope it cools down for you because I can't imagine selling hot dogs in this weather. I marched in our 4th of July Parade, helping carry a huge American flag. It was so hot and the parade route was about two miles. We were in full uniform dress and it was miserable. But...the cheers from the crowd when they saw us carrying Old Glory somehow made it all seem very well worthwhile.

Sorry I've been quiet for a few weeks. Life is just way too hectic for me right now. I have so many irons in the fire and have very little time for the things I really love to do...like chatting with all of you!!!

Have a good one and remember.....it's getting close to FRIDAY!!!

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Diane - did you come North already? The Mountain is glorious today and made me think of you. I have a feeling you must have been here two weeks ago already - one of those cloudy weeks of days?

Too hot outside for me already, but this morning I watered the vegetable starts and starting prepping the porch rail for painting. Got to grab the chance while it is dry outside!

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You're right - I was in Seattle the weekend of 6/26 - and did get one glimpse of the mountain and it is indeed "glorious"!! Will be there again in a couple weeks and I hope it is out again. I lived in Portland for years and love Mt. Hood - but must admit your mountain is the most magnificent.

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