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Eric Byrne's Glasgow Pictures [Looks & Comments Welcome]

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Hi guys,

Just wanted to share some of my pictures with you.

I am on holiday now,so more time for me to be posting in. I will send them in

blocks of four.

In this batch you will find Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow, Inside a spitfire and

well I dont think the next two require explaination.. :-)





In this batch Still inside Kelvingrove,my favourite statue in Scotland ,King

Robert the Bruce,in battle Armour,I went yesterday to the actual battlefield to

take a pic of this statue for posting in.Suspended heads just a curio.





In this batch pictures from Inside the oldest house in Glasgow.





Batch 4 contains pictures of the Glasgow Cathedral and the necropolis,where the

very wealthy were buried in Victorian times,Glasgows wealth was built on

shipbuilding and heavy engineering but also the Glasgow Tobacco Barons and their

trading links with Virginia USA.If I remember their musoleums were built,to show

off their wealth but also to keep the resurrectionists out,who would have

carried their corpses to the nearby Royal Infirmary for dissection by the

surgeons there.





Batch 5 I just liked this headstone,adn after this is the museum of

religions,just across the street from the oldest house in Glasgow,it is

deceptive,since its only a few years old,built in keeping with the architectural

style on the oldest house.This painting shows the typical Glasgow tenement

housing of the Victorian and Edwardian eras,many still exist to-day,I myself was

born and brought up in one very similar,only left to get married when I was

23.This is the original painting,I have the copy of this in my living room in

pride of place,I loved my tenement childhood,what a different world then,parents

would come out on the streets to play with the children,skipping

ropes,peever,gird and cleek,nobody locked their doors,probably because no one

owned anything worth stealing ah who said we have made progress?





Batch 6 has some pictures of my fundraising walk in Millport.









So thats it, feel free to leave comments and I'll try get back to you.


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Cool !!!! Tell Elvis I said Hi and Michael Jackson is looking for him!!

If Ya know how they get the ship in the bottle Ya know how they get an airplane inside a building also!! :roll::wink:

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Youre right Randy about the spitfire,never thought how they got that in there,maybe it was there first and they built around it ?.

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Wow, I don't know what happened to my response here. But Eric thanks for sharing these. We don't have these ancient buildings in America and they are so awesome to see. Loved all the pics, thought the hanging heads were cool.

The church was amazing, as was the oldest house in Glasgow. Wow, they sure don't make them like they used to!

Judy in MI

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Hi Nick C,

Thanks, your comments are much appreciated,If you do ever arrive here you can count on me to be a more than willing tour guide,I am a bit of a proud Scot,just would enjoy showing off Scotlands beauty to as many people as possible.Talking of beautiful, your atavar,shows a beautiful happy couple,its my pleasure to meet you,read your profile,sorry about your mum.It is a shame this disease effects so many lovely families.

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Hi Dianne,

Yes you do indeed have Scottish ancestry if your family name is McComas,The Mac or Mc part of the surname is Gaelic for son of,Your ancestors are of the MacThomas clan,which also includes MacComie and McColm.Your family or clan,originated in Perthshire,who originated from a larger clan called McIntosh.

William McThomas was of the first of many of your clan that settled in the the USA,his family arrived in Philadelphia in 1828.

My mothers maiden name was Paterson,which is a sept(branch) of Clan McLaren,I got married in full highland dress wearing the McLaren tartan.You can find out more by Googling.It is a fascinating subject,when I retire Ill spend some of my time researching my ancestry,dont know if you have seen a previous posting I sent in showing"The Grannies" which shows my mothers elder sister,her mother,her grandmother and her great grandmother.Photo was taken about 1915,two years before my mother was born.The quality of the photo is really good.

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Wow Eric - thanks for all the geneology information!! I knew nothing really, but thought maybe I'd do some research after I retired. It is fascinating stuff. What I think is really interesting is apparently, if you go back far enough, so many of us are related in some way, even if distantly. I will print out the info you sent to give me a starting point. Will definitely check out the "Grannies" . . . I love old photos.

Thanks again Eric.


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