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Friday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone! TGIF!

It was 74 degrees and cloudy when I got up this morning. Forecast high is 87. We're still under a flash flood watch, so I decided to take a day off the bike and drive to work.

Eric, the Tour de France comes on the Versus channel here. It's great coverage. With the time difference, though, live coverage starts in the morning, so I just record it and watch after I get home. I barely watch any television, but pay for a couple hundred channels, one of the things I may have to cut back on when I retire.

I hope the scans went well, KW Judy! Have a great Friday, all!

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Good Afternoon Everybody,

Been raining all day so far,although stopped at the moment,dosnt look good for the rest of the day.I was going to cut the grass to-day,well at least I have a good excuse not to.Probably start re-decorating the small bedroom on Monday,sister Irene wants to come a help choose the wallpaper,shes pretty good at the interior decorating side of things,her poor hubby never seems to stop doing house improvements,shes just finished having the outside of her house re-roughcast,talked her neighbour into doing it also to match her property,what a gal.Problem for me is she is so fussy,itll take about 20 stores visits over at least two days to get the right paper-why did I agree?

Hi Judy, hope you solved the starting probs with the RV,and it didnt cost too many dollars to fix,no doubt you have been glad to get back on the road again,have a great time.

Judy, Hope you havent been too uncomfortable on the food stall,Ill have a hot dog with mustard please and a diet coke,yeah Ill also pay for the freight charges,hope you have a great time at the grad and lake parties to-morrow.

Oh my niece Lianne phoned today to thank us for Max's 4th birthday pressie,Max came on the phone to thank me personally,I asked him how he enjoyed the visit to Blair Drummond Safari Park ,and which animals he liked the best,the monkeys he said and the elephants,actually you woudnt correct a 4 year old would you as there are no monkeys there,but you can get a boat out that takes you to chimpanzee island inside the park,havent been since Jennifer was small,think I could take Max again before I go back to work.

Hi Bud having more time in my hands to relax and enjoy myself and with the weather currently as it is I have spent some time surfing the boards,got to your pics of your recumbant bikes posted almost exactly a year ago,I have never seen one before ,so these pics really interested me.I am trying to imagine myself on one,how comfortable is it,obviously ergonomically its pedalling seems to be pretty efficient with the distances you can travel.You probably started cycling on the more conventional type of cycles,how did you become involved with the recumbant bike?Did you see my pic of the conference bike on Millport,I hadnt seen one of these either until my Millport visit.

Have a great day everyone.

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Sorry Bud I checked the posts to make sure no one had started the Friday air,before starting mine,but obviously my two fingered typeing and stopping mid writing to get a coffee,has allowed you to post first,maybe Randy can do a merge if he is about?

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Good afternoon all! Eric, I read both Airs and tried to move yours. It wouldn't let me move to the same forum so I tried a cut and paste. I laughed when I saw it--your words next to my pic! To weird lol so I deleted it. Don't know how Randy worked his magic. I'm a challenged moderator.

Hope you all have a good day.

Judy 80 mi from Savannah GA

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No problem, Eric. As my official first moderator duty, I did a merge.

Until my lung cancer diagnosis, my worst health issue was two bad discs in my lower back. That's why I never even considered an upright bike when I climbed onto a bicycle for the first time as an adult in 2004. I couldn't even sit on a bar stool for very long without back pain.

My back has improved quite a bit since then (lost weight and regular core muscle exercises will do that). So, I probably could ride an upright bike ok now. But, I love my recumbents and don't plan on ever going back to upright bikes.

Recumbents are, indeed, very comfortable. They tend to be slower going up hills (you can't generate quite as much power in a reclined position, can't stand on the pedals, and are pretty much limited to using your legs, unable to recruit other muscles to help like you can on an upright), but their aerodynamics make them faster on flats and downhills, so just like other bikes, the main thing that determines how fast one is, is the engine.

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Since I already said I would complain once we got some heat, here it is. The last two days have been in the mid-high 90's. Today too, most likely. That's hot around here.

I was feeling pretty smug about it as we have a heat-pump for our forced air system that gives us some air conditioning as well. Unfortunately, went into the basement last night to find a bit of a flood! I think the small pump that moves condenser water to the outside isn't working. Or else something is wrong with the tubing or drain, but I am guessing the pump. It looks like a plastic toy.

I don't understand the mechanics to know if it is dangerous to run the cooling with the water condensing at the top of the furnace and on the exposed ductwork, but it sure did make a mess. I tuned up the temperature last night to stop it working so much and have a call in to talk to a tech asap. Of course, the appointment for the annual service is next week!

And, M is roasting a turkey in the oven this morning in prep for the memorial service tomorrow. At least we aren't cleaning the oven!

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Hi Everyone!

What a newsy group we have today. Love it! We got storms, humidity broke! Yeah! It's awesome to not feel like someone is sitting on my chest when I go outside.

Had the wedding shower this morning, and brought all this delicious food and could not eat it. I have the stomach flu. Hubs had it last week, and after a few days passed, I so hoped I wouldn't get it. Wrong. So I'm laying low for the next few hours and hoping the pain in the gut goes away.

Started electric fence training the puppy today. Rather the trainer trained me! So we begin the process of teaching her the boundaries, and once she gets it that the flags mean NO, then I'll train her on the doggy door so she can let herself in and out of the house. It will be so nice when this is done!

Well, got to go lay down. Have a good weekend everyone.

Judy in MI

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