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Information on Wheezing/Breathing Problems???


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Hello Everyone... I hope this posting finds everyone doing well... I just had a few questions/concerns and was wondering if anyone could inform me of what might be going on....

My dad, has been doing pretty good lately. He has many doctor appointments in the upcoming weeks and I personally am hoping that he decides to perhaps give radiation a shot again. He is still on the pain pump which has been doing him good and he is eating pretty much normal again.

However, there is this wheezing he has. Everytime he breathes in, breathes out, there is this sound that comes from inside. Wheezing is the best way that I can describe it. HE SAYS it almost feels like pleogm (flem???) in his throat/lungs. Has anyone had experience with this before or know of anything that might be going on. Could it just simply be conjestion or perhaps that darn tumour pinching something off???? I don't know and I'm kinda worried... I suppose we could go to the doctors and get them too look into it, but we all know how long that would take... So I come here,, hoping that someone knows something about what might be going on...

ALSO, my dad is in Stage IV and earlier on he was told it had spread to several different locations. (spine, liver, bones) However, the primary tumur is located in his chest. Behind his sternum (spelling)... Apparently it was about the size of a tennis ball... I was wondering why they haven't decided to do radiation there??? Why not hit it at the primary spot and then worry about the other places later??? and is there any other sort of treatment that anyone has heard of that may be beneficial in helping my dad.... He had radiation done once,,, on his lower back,, because of pain... And that seemed to work... Would it then not work on his lungs???

I thank you all for your help and any points you bring forward are greatly appreciated... I pray that this is the year that they find something, find anything, that will take this evil out of our lives forever... Take care of yourselves... Talk to you again real soon. Byeeeee


P.S. Today my dad was given an oxygen pump. Incase he needs it... Is this good or bad?

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Hey Adam,

Hang in there!! , yea your dads going through some rough stuff there. The ox. is a right move and should not only help the breathing but help him get stronger. I'm surprised he hasn't had it sooner. Tell him, it's very good for him and to use it especially at night when sleeping.

I think your right on to question the doc.'s about why there not doing anything with the primary tumor. I think, and I may be wrong cause you know more than I, that his doc could be a bit more agressive with his treatment. :x I'm trying maybe too hard to put this nicely, but if I were in your shoe's or someone in your family's I would put it to the doc that way. If he does'nt like it then I'd get someone else.

In any case, I'll be sending some prayers your dads way!!

God bless and hang in there!!

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

MRI's taken 12/18 - 2 brain mets found- named em Frick & Frack

"Absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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Get your dad to the doctor now. Don't wait the time you have to wait on them won't be any less if you wait, but you will be getting the answers later by not going now. Oxygen is a good thing to have in case it is needed. There are just so many variables in this situation that you need to know what is going on and why. It could be the nodule or it could be an infection causeing the wheezing sound. It could aslo be caused from a medication.. Some medications cause bronchial spasm and that has a similar sound.. Also question the doctor about the oxygen use and the proper sittings. Too high a setting in some cases can make the condition much worse especially if the blood gasses are out of balance.

There are just so many reasons to see his doctor. It doesn't pay to speculate and ask questions of us here. We know some things but we do not know your dad's condition like his doctors should. Take him there, ask questions and get answers. Make sure you keep a record of everything told to you and get copies of test results. If you are not satisfied with his doctors explaination or you feel he is being too cold or not forthcoming enough get an other opinion.. Please what ever you do do it now. Time can mean so much and things can change so quickly.

One other suggestion. If your dad is having a problem breathing ask his doctor if he might not take Theodour. It is a long term medicaion in the treatment of asthma and makes it easier to breathe. I hope I have helped some. I wish I could relieve your mind and take your fears away but I can't. I can only offer advice and my best advice is find out now. If it is something you fear you have more time to fight it. If not then you can rest your mind sooner. I will be praying for you. I really admire the way you are there for your dad.


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