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Wednesdays Air

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

You wont beat me to-day Judy ha-ha,its just past midnight here,so I thought I would just post here than reply to Tuesdays Air.Sorry about missing Tuesday,I ve been so busy running around town,doing bits and pieces,where did my day go,did get a haircut,and made an appointment with my dentist for a check up,surgery was closed down when I arrived,they had moved into the newly built health centre in Coatbridge,think they were trying to sneak away without letting me know,so I couldnt find them?.

Judy you are on vacation,the RV trip sounds just fine to me,sorry about Stan not being with you to enjoy himself properly.You are among the other holiday makers in your camp site,so enjoy their company.

Judy MI good to hear of your holiday plans,good for you get away for a few days,relax and enjoy yourselves.

Hi Bud,I am sure your results on Friday will be brill,please pass onto Rose my best wishes,sorry about her having to face that surgery,hope she dosnt return to work too early,and gets some time to herself to relax and heal.

You may know that my experience with computers are a bit basic?wait till you hear this one,I was sitting on Monday reading to-days airs when I seem to have brought up a wee window with all sorts of web sites,knowing nothing about any of them curiousity got the better of me so I clicked on Twitter,wrote a little message in the box and pressed tweet.I was astonished to find instead of the message posted was Mondays Air instead,can you believe it?oh if it can go wrong Eric will manage to do it.So my apologies Judy et al,you are all on Twitter,to a mystified world.Wonder if I will get any replies,more likely a lifetime ban from the site.

I copied down the link if you want a look-


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Just clicked on the link myself?told you about my lack of knowledge of computers,but that was what was next to my name,and I did see the morning air there?Going to take another look. Bye.

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No one will ban you from the site, Eric. Several of us are so computer illiterate, that it's pathetic. Think you'll ever see a picture of me? Not till I figure out how to use my digital camera and to post pictures here.

By the way, that second link doesn't work either. That's ok.


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Hi Muriel,

Its 3.15am here I just dont feel sleepy,good to see you are online.Yes third one works,My daughters boyfriend added my atavar,he takes the little sim card out of my camera and puts it into my laptop and creates a new folder,oh gosh what did he do next,must write down all the stages properly,think you can ask the webmaster?.

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You guys are too funny! Eric, I thought I might beat you this morning since I was up off and on all night and I'm posting at 4:30 am. Heard Stan stirring around 3:30, not unusual for him. He was pleased to have me up having tea with him before he left to relieve his man at the plant.

I'm laughing at me being on vacation Eric. First day I cleaned house. I have a cleaning lady at home. I also washed dishes--I have a dishwashing machine at home. Yesterday, I made more than a half-dozen trips back and forth from coach to car to laundryroom and back. Yes, at home I have a washer and dryer in my house. Our coach is quite lovely but missing labor saving amenities.

In spite of it all, I stopped at a coffee house after dropping Stan to work yesterday. Was served a coffee mocha by mistake (ordered a cafe latte) and it was delicious. Had it with a raspberry shortbread. A lovely late breakfast and some really nice people to chat with. Visited with the two gals at the camp office for awhile since the laundry is just behind them. Caught up on some people we met here last year and expected to be here again. Thank goodness no one died just life circumstances prevented them from coming!

I ended a very full day with another venture out to get my hair cut. I was desparate to go to a strange shop. Lovely lady, 20 year survivor of non-hodgkins lypmphomia. Came home and rested a little before going back out AGAIN to pick Stan up from work. Stopped at a little country diner for dinner. Boy was I beat--then a few hours sleep and up again.

I'll lay low today with no car. Stan said he'll pop back in for breakfast in a couple of hours. Tomorrow will be a long day. 45 min to hr drive to Corning New York where I get my chemo when I'm here--start with labs at 8am, then appointment with the onc and then the chemo. Goodness knows what time I'll get back. Stan's schedule this year requires I put on my big girl panties and make the trip to Corning myself.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Pennsylvania

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Hi Muriel,

Checked some notes I made at Chris,s (sorry Ive forgotten where I put the apostrophe key) last visit.Correction its not a sim card in your digital camera Muriel,its actually called an SD card,(Scan Disc)there is a wee door in your camera,which you open take out the SD and put it into your ladtop,there is a dummy SD in your laptop that you remove first.

Next (what I wrote)from Chris,s guidance :-

Pictures-click new folder- title new folder.

DCIM -100 Cannon? my camera model?

Click first pic (once)scroll down to last pic,press shift and left

pic-right click any pic-cut

right click in the pic folder

go to paste.

Sorry dosent make a lot of sense to me either,did at the time,best bet is to go to the forum Photo album and ask Ned or KatieB for some help.

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Wow! So much activity here today! Eric and Muriel, you both just crack me up with your banter!

Sorry, didn't make it here yesterday. It's crazy busy around here and I'm just caught up in it. But did want to take a minute to stop in and say HI!!!!!

It's back to being extremely hot and humid again. Yech! I can't wait for Autumn! I can't believe I am saying that!

We are going to sell our boat. It's a 20 foot Bentley pontoon boat. We just don't use it that much, so we decided to have it stop being a yard ornament, and sell it.

Judy, funny stuff about all the work you have to do while "on vacation" that you don't have to do when at home. Funny!

Well hope everyone has a lovely day!

Judy in MI

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 80 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high for today is 97.

I really overdid it at work with my back yesterday, another reminder of why I need to retire from this work. Then, just like I had good sense, I rode home and mowed the back yard.

After I showered, I was thinking of nothing except how much I needed to get off my feet, only to realize that Rose wasn't up to cooking dinner, I would need to do it. So, I prepared our fancy chili dog dinner, and finally got to sit down.

My back is still talking to me this morning. I need an easier day at work, and some zombie time in my recliner this evening.

Pretty much everyone hardly uses their boat, MI Judy. I'm the exception to that rule. Have a great day, all!

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Eric and Katie,

Thank you both for the information. Now I'll have to find the camera (I think it's in a cupboard in the family room, but if anyone wants to come over and help me look, that's fine).

Eric, you left the apostrophe on the little button to the left of the "Enter" key. Anybody else want any computer help? I thought not.

Have a good day.


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