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Thursday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 78 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high for this afternoon is 99 degrees, and that combined with high humidity that will push the heat index over 105 has caused them to issue a heat advisory. It sounds like a great day to work in an unairconditioned machine shop, ride a bike home, and mow the front yard.

Have a great day, all!

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Good Evening Eyeryone,

Not much in the way of sunshine here to-day,cloudy with short bursts of heavy showers.

Rose sharp this morning TV coverage of the British Open started at 9.00am,got my ringside seat at the ready,weather at St Andrews was very kind to the mornings players,warm, dry no winds blowing hence some great low scores,afternoon wind picked up a bit,making things that bit more difficult for everyone.Rory McElroy equalled the opens record with a incredible 63 but there are many others within striking distance,so its shaping up to be a very exciting competition.With TV coverage lasting 11 hours,I really couldnt sit and watch it throughout,took some time out to push the mover over the front lawn and forked over my borders,I am no gardener,but I must say its looking really smart just now,feeding the grass has made a difference.

Bud,I am still thinking about Rose,is she recovering OK?,I also wish you well for your results to-morrow,you mentioned a machine shop yesterday,do you work as an engineer?.You wont believe,given my spare time on my hands,I have discovered that the Monday Air is in" you tube" also? how it got there by me tweeting I just dont know,I dont know which Mondays Air it was,but Bud its your pic next to your boat,you had posted in previously,isnt that funny.You might get replies form people who think you are there to sell your boat?.Here that gives me an idea,we could post an ad with a photo of Judy's boat on "you Tube(thanks Muriel,found the apostrophe button)

Hi Judy KY, just want to wish you all the best for to-morrow at Corning,sounds like a long day,bit of a shame being on your own,sorry Stan cannot accompany you due to him being at work,just take your time driving home in the evening.

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Evening All! Bud you worry me to death riding in that heat. It must make Rose crazy. Hope she is recovering without too much pain.

Eric, I just laughed so hard at the idea of you doing something in Scotland that had an Air popping up all over and on UTube no less. LOL. You may joke about your lack of computer expertise but I could have less and more involvement with the real world these days.

Speaking of the real world, I put on my big girl panties and took Stan to the plant and myself to Corning like a pro. No problems and made great time. Stopped at a Wegman's market and ate at their cafe because I was out by noon! That's labs, seeing the onc and including a bit of a wait for my Alimta to arrive from the pharmacy. For those who don't know it, Wegman's is an upscale grocery in the northeast that we don't have in So FL. But I digress. The trip home stunk the big one--I did a few loops and pull offs and finally resorted to Rt 15 business and got behind people not even doing the speed limit. I had to go past where we were staying because Stan was back at the first plant. Oh well, I'm back and going to get a glass of wine when I finish here. Wendy says it's good for high plateletts.

Have a great evening.

Judy in KW

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Hello all!

Had a very busy HOT day today so didn't get on until now. Heat index here of 100 degrees, the hottest it's been here in years. Can hardly stand to be outdoors, so heavy on my lungs.

Eric, I won't have time to watch the Open until this weekend. I can't wait!!!!!

Judy, good for you driving that big rig and keeping your big girl pants on! LOL!

Bud, it's just plain hot here. Got to go, I'm at Gilda's and the folks are coming in for Supper.


Judy in MI

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Eric, Rose is doing well. She's just sore. I repair CNC machinery, mostly lathes, drills, and machining centers. I'm supposed to be an electronics technician, but more often, I'm a mechanic. A lot of the work is too physical for an old f*rt with a bad back. That's why I tend to whine about my back here occasionally.

KW Judy, you got a lot done in a short time. My day tomorrow won't quite go that way at the VA hospital. I have an 11:30 am appointment with my oncologist. You would think that I would be able to work part of the day, but it doesn't quite work out.

I need to have blood taken at the lab, two hours before the onc appointment, so the lab can finish the blood work and the onc can check that along with my scans. But, there's always a large number of people waiting to have blood taken. An hour wait there is not uncommon. So, I'll need to be there at 8:30 am.

But, if you arrive any time after 7:00 am, the parking lot is incredibly full. You have to park the better part of a mile away, and walk or take a parking lot shuttle. So, I'll need to be there at 8:00.

That's right at rush hour, and it's an hour drive from home, even when it's not rush hour, so I'll need to leave home at 6:30 am, or shortly thereafter.

Everyone gets the 11:30 appointment, so you don't really get to see the doctor then. 12:00 or 12:30 is more likely. If scans and bloodwork are good, the doctor visit won't take long. I'll be out by 12:45. Grab some lunch, and it's 1:15. An hour drive to work would get me there at 2:15. I get off at 3:30, so there's really no point in making the drive to work.

And that's how I kill an entire day with my followup appointment. Plus, tomorrow after the appointment, Rose and I are stopping at a credit union on the way home. We're closing bank accounts and moving things to a credit union. Banks just aren't a very good deal these days.

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Judy, silly girl, my big girl panties aren't that big lol. We tow our car on an aluminum trailer--all together we're 60 feet! I drove the car to Corning.

Bud, I was amazed at how efficient the Corning Center was. It's not even in the hospital, just nearby. I am used to waiting for everything at MDA and quite a lot at the Key West Center. Nothing like your Vet experience but at KW, I have to have blood drawn by eleven the day BEFORE my chemo so they can order the chemo for the next afternoon.

Good nite all. Oh, and Mike, I'm turning the lights off. I miss that lol!

Judy in PA

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