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Hi Everyone I want to stop confusion I am Huggy and hugz didnt remember how I joined, 2 yrs ago I told Dr was almost sure back then , but , after several Dr's and test they told me no i dont have lung cancer just to watch with CT Scans ,Well after this last scan It grew a lil and with a culture They confirmed I do Im so glad I listened and did what I was told ,Now I can do what I need to to get rid of it ..Take care Mary

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Did you have a biopsy and do know the type of lung cancer? How big are those nodules now? Sorry - we get pretty close quickly around here.:)

It sounds like you have been waiting and watching for a long time. That means whatever you've got there is especially slow growing. I think that is a good thing.:) Also, great that they can remove them surgically. I hope that you are successful in curing this with surgery only. If you end up requiring follow up treatment, we've got someone here who has been on just about anything you might be prescribed and can hopefully answer your questions or quiet your concerns.:)

Surgery - well, what we tend to tell everyone is to prep your home (including someone to do your bidding for at least a few days after you return!) This is a good time to accept help. The second thing - and perhaps the most important? Stay ahead of the post-surgery constipation! Between hospital time, inactivity, and pain meds, constipation can be torture.:)

Other than that - with a dx only 3 days old - well, it's remarkable you have found this place of support and understanding.:) Please let us know the plan and what we can do for you.:)


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