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also a new goal for me as well!


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walked back into the cancer center after 4 and a half years !! That was hard..... same guy at the desk and same injection Nurse were there still....

You would think something like that would be eassy but its not because the memories start going through my head! That was my own goal and I dont post about a lot of them but this was a milestone to me!!

Oh and I am fine!! my Dad gets an injection of b12 and Aranesp occasionally as a result of other problems he has, that are not cancer related!!

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and people remember you also! the older gent who volunteers to run the check in desk was like How have you been doing since then? ne never forgets a face or a name. Knew Deb and I by sight every time we went in the door, and everyone else also!

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While he can't imagine your grief filled feelings Richard could probably relate somewhat to your visit.

We were watching "Bostonmed" (it's about 3 Boston hospitals) and he got up in the middle of the first segment saying that he'd seen enough of the Brigham in the first half of the year he didn't want to relive it through a TV program!

I, of course, was fascinated because I couldn't remember most of the time I was in there.

I feel for you Randy, wish I could make you feel better.

Take care my friend


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