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Overdue update...


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Well my mom is doing great. Nothing new with her :D Other than her and my dad have turned to drinking and drinking alot... it is sad to see, but if that is the way they want to live who am I to say anything?

Well my dad has had a lingering cough since before Thanksgiving. I found out yesterday that his latest CT scan showed 2 lung nodules. One which is unchanged from his April scan and then he has a new one.... of course they dont offer information and they dont talk about it. I guess he is being re-scanned in 3 months.

Certainly praying that its nothing and that we dont have to embark on this journey again.


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I agree wtih ts....AND that there is nothing you can do about their drinking. You deserve to be happy- concentrate on you and your kids. (((hug)))

And i will pray that you will never have to embarke on this journey again!!!


Keep usposted!

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Sorry sweetie, lost my whole post! Hugs from here and feeling for you. It's tough watching your folks drown themselves like that. It's also hard for you to have such little medical info. Hope things are not changed in any significant negative way.

Good to see you onboard. Thanks for checking in.

Judy in KW

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