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Saturday's Air

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Lights on,rise and shine everyone,its 5.30am,woke up early this morning couldnt sleep,its always the same with me on holiday,my daily routines are shot to pieces and so are my sleeping patterns.Dawns just broken,skies overcast,I can see from the trees outside my window,that the high winds from yesterday have dropped to a slight breese.Sorry missed the post yesterday,been glued to the Open,the leader board has had some dramatic changes to it,since the day previous,poor Rory dropped I think six strokes,the high winds yesterday made life so difficult for the players,in fact play was stopped for 65 minutes due to high winds.The TV meanwhile,showed an interview with Sevie Ballesteros,which was very moving but enjoyable to watch,it was filmed at his house,beautiful location and grounds,he even created a nine hole golf course in his grounds.Looking forward to more golf to-day.

The science centre in Glasgow is running for the next three days,fun days for the kids,with all sorts of activities going on culminating by showing in the Imax 3D cinema Shrek 3? and Toy Story 14?Sally and I are meeting up with my sister Irene and her husband Pat,not forgetting 4 year old Max,just after lunch to-day,so we are going to have a lot of fun this afternoon.

Well Bud and Judy another day at the hospital over,hoorah,you know I was feeling kinda left out of things,hope everythings goes well for the two of you.

Bud really interested to hear you work with CNC machines,boy these things are really impressive,our college does all the training for BAE Systems ,so we have lots of machine shops with CNCs in them,they are being currently moved into the new workshop block,with some new ones also,must send you some pics of them,when I return to work.Speaking of BAE Systems,I was recently invited aboard a Type 42 Destroyer nearing completion in the yard,got the full tour,the wheelhouse is below decks and has no windows in it,and the wheel was smaller than a car steering wheel.You know amazingly they build these ships in two separate halfs in the yard and then join them to-gether,how they manage to fit being so massive just makes you wonder.Cannot wait to see them start the new aircraft carriers,they are going to be huge,my cameras at the ready.Need to watch I dont get arrested for being a spy?.

Have a great weekend everybody.

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It's not even Saturday way over here. Still a happening Friday night, 11:34 p.m., around here. Just had some ice cream and now I'm headed to get some shut eye. Good night Eric.

Good morning to everyone else once they wake up!

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Moring All! Guess I should say morning Eric, nite Stephanie. I'm ducking in for a quick post because my man is done working for a day or so and we're going to breakfast and a ride in the car. He needs some down time before we hit the road for Rochester Indiana. There's an old Antique place with real rusty farm tools outside we saw driving in. Just the kind of place we both enjoy. Problem is we don't remember how far it was from here so it should be an adventure. But breakfast at a local diner first.

Bright and sunny and a little chilly. High of 84 expected so should be a great one. So off for a little R&R today.

Have a lovely day everyone.

Judy in KW

P.S. I want your life Eric--so lively and full of activity/

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Good morning, everyone!

It's 75 degrees with a forecast high of 103. I'm off to do a 100 mile club ride. Nothing more fun than a 100 mile ride on a 100 degree day.

It's always an adventure at the VA hospital, always lots of real characters there. But there are lots of really sick people, too, a reminder for me to be thankful for my good health lately.

My blood pressure was 98 over 67. They always do the same thing when it's that low. First, they'll check it again. Then, they'll check the computer to see if I'm on blood pressure medication, then ask if I'm on something that's not listed on their computer. It's just naturally low. It was low when I was a young man, and it's gotten low again after I started riding so much.

Have a great weekend, all!

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Morning all!

It's a beautiful day today! No humidity, high of 84. We sold the boat. Hubs is at the Credit Union signing over the title as we speak. I'm sitting here, looking at the wreckage my puppy has created with Kleenex all over my carpet! She is a little shredder. I love her so much though. What a darling.

Eric, what a zest for life you have. Your posts just make me smile, every single day. Don't ever change. I am thrilled to be able to watch some golf today! How exciting.

Bud, 100 miles in 100 degrees? Sheesh! You are the man!

Judy in IN, you are getting closer and closer to me!

Well...need to get going and clean up the house. We have Hubs partner and his wife coming over for the afternoon and evening. Going to splurge with steaks, and Portabella mushrooms sauteed in butter and garlic, and yellow Yukon potatoes, and more. Going to serve peppermint ice cream with chocolate cookies for dessert. Yum!

Judy in MI

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Later this morning we're going to the Haleiwa Arts Festival on the North Shore. Can't believe it's been a year since the last event. One ritual (which my wife started) is to buy the winning poster, have it signed by the artist, and present it to my clinic's head chemo nurse the next time I see her. Happy to say, this will be the fourth poster she's received!




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MI Judy, I know what you mean about the puppy. Pixie (alias the Gremlin) is 5 months old now, and has changed so much lately. I usually go to bed earlier than Rose (since I always get up at dark-thirty), and have been letting both dogs come to bed with me. Rose has been moving Pixie to her kennel in the bathroom when she comes to bed. But, Pixie has gone all night without any accidents for a while now, so on Thursday, she let her stay in the bed. So, I guess it's two dogs in the bed every night now.

We've also stopped blocking any of the house from Pixie, since she's become house trained well, and she insists on trying to watch over everyone. If we're apart, she'll go back and forth, checking on us. If the other dog is outside and she isn't (they can use the pet door any time), she'll be whining by the door waiting for him. I guess it's just a female dog mothering thing. And she's turning out to be one of the most affectionate dogs I've ever seen. Now, if she'll just ever get past the biting and chewing stage...


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