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Hi. I haven't posted in "eons", well actually months. Many of your names are new to me. I have spent the last week or so catching up on all of your events, rejoicing in your good news, and grieving the not-so-good news. For those of you that have joined within the last several months, I have a sister, Shane, who was diagnosed late July of 2002 with Stage 4 NSCLC, and she and our family have been on this journey for almost 18 months now. All in all, she has had many many more good days than not. She had brain surgery, radiation, chemo (cisplatin and gemcitabine), took a three month break, then was on Iressa for seven months. Now she will start a new chemo round....

As you all can relate to, lung cancer (well actually the fight against it) has dominated our family since the diagnosis. When she got on the Iressa last May and responded so well so quickly, I have to say that our family was lulled into a new sense of normalcy and we all (especially Shane) focused more on day to day life than on the illness -- a good lesson overall I know. Two days before Christmas, we were faced with the news that the cancer had begun to grow again. Thus, we are looking again for treatment options. She is very interested in radio frequency ablation. I have read many posts here about the procedure and found good information online. I am looking for anyone who has actually had the procedure done.... We live in Texas but are willing and able to travel anywhere for a consultation/procedure. Shane has asked me to do her "leg work" for her this week, as she is undergoing gamma knife for two small brain mets day after tomorrow. Any information anyone is willing to share would be so appreciated.

I welcome the message board posts or a personal email. I can be reached at either janedickerson@cox-internet.com or at jdickerson@mwisd.esc11.net

Thanks so much and God bless and keep you all.

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Your sister got that bad news the same day that I did--my cancer is grwoing again after 5 months of stability on Iressa. There is a doctor here in Texas who is doing RFA on the lungs--he is in San Antonio, and his name is Dr. David Nielsen. I contacted him in the fall, and sent him some CT scans, which he promptly lost, so I have yet to find out whether I am a candidate. We are planning to take some films to him next week and not let the films out of our sight this time and hopefully get some answers.

Good luck to both of you.


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So sorry to hear your news. My sister has been at MD Anderson since her diagnosis and since you have been referred there, I'd like to recommend a particular thoracic oncologist (there are quite a few, as I recall 17 or so....maybe more). Her name is Dr. Pisters. Shane had a different oncologist at first, but the "chemistry" was lacking. As everyone knows, the doctor-patient relationship is so very important.

As for the RFA info, please keep me posted. We are beginning our "search" for the appropriate facility as well as finding out if she is a candidate for the procedure... we will be checking into the San Antonio clinic. I hope that you are a candidate for the procedure, as it seems very state-of-the-art and offers a chance at knocking out your cancer.

My sister Shane is 48 and also is a non-smoker. She lives in the Conroe area, so you and she are "neighbors", so to speak. Please keep in touch, and email me privately if you wish. I will add you to my prayers.


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