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eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Its 7.15am,been up from 6.00am,couldnt sleep,brighter this morning,I can see blue skies for a change,hope for some sunshine today.Well, home decoration is getting put on the back burner to-day(all work no play makes Jack a dull boy)Dentist appointment this afternoon,then into Glasgow for an evening meal,then to the cinema,I have booked two tickets to see a live performance from Maastrich of Andre Rieu and his orchestra,which is being beamed into two Glasgow cinemas(much cheaper than going to one of his concerts £400 for a good seat).I just love this guy and his orchestra,for two hours I will be transported into heaven.

Hi Ned just been reading the links you provided for the Hale'iwa Art Festival,just love the posters,what a nice gesture on passing on a signed poster each year,wish you many more poster purchases.

Have a great day everyone.

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Morning All! It's a beautiful 70 degrees in Rochester IN. We're in a campground in the middle of farmland. There's a little lake that I can view from another place in the coach but I'm on the sofa with a view of green pastures and cows behind a red barn. The view is seen beyond the branches of green trees. It's just lovely and Eric, it's a real farm.

Eric, glad you are finally getting to see the broadcast of that concert you've been so anxiously awaiting. A day off work is a good day.

Frustrating day driving trying to get on the net yesterday thru OH into IN. Between no signal and busy server, I finally gave up and went to bed and read that book I've been trying to get thru. At this rate, I might finish it this trip. The net is slow this morning but at least I am here lol. Have the office set up and actually did invoices when I got here in the early evening. Will do bookkeeping today. Hope I can get on Farmville on my breaks.

ts, I'm anxious to check out your "Tarceva Vacation." Boy I could do with a chemo vaca but with the radiologists messing with my scans, don't feel like I dare.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Rochester IN

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It was 78 degrees as I rode to work this morning, with a forecast of 97 this afternoon, pretty much the same boring forecast every day lately.

I'm enjoying one of my Atomic Fireballs right now, which just came in. For those who've never had them, they're hot cinnamon hard candy. Wouldn't you know that about the time I decided to start eating them again, Sam's quit carrying them, so I ordered them online.

I had quit them back when I was trying to cut down the amount of refined sugar I was eating. These days, using agave nectar or stevia to sweeten things, and eating very little with refined sugar in it, I decided that a few 30 calorie sugary cinnamon candies every day wasn't going to hurt me.

Have a great day, all!

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Hi Everyone,

Just home from the dentist,couldnt resist popping online to see how everyone is doing before I head out for Glasgow.I didnt require any treatment,thank goodness,just a clean up and polish,the nicotine stained wallies are slowly giving way to reveal the white thats been hidden for years,charge was £10,which I consider reasonable.Does anyone know what the current exchange rate Dollar/Pound Sterling is,would be fun to know the comparision of common prices of things in both countries eg pint of milk, loaf of bread up to say a three bedroomed house?.See if I could afford to emigrate to the USA when I retire,as I dislike the cold dark winter months.

Hi Judy,your farm spot sounds really idyillic,wish I was there with you for a relax and blether.

Hi Bud.Sunny 97 degrees boring?I should be so lucky could you not send some boring weather over to me please,while you are at it,pop some of these Atomic cinnamon sweeties,in an envelope and post them to me,years since I have tried cinnamon balls,as a kid I would sook these until the roof of my mouth bled.

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Hi, it's Wednesday now...but am up at 3:00AM and can't sleep. So I popped in here to see how you all are doing.

Today, Wednesday is a slow day....thankfully. Just need to veg and be slow for once.

Going to try to go back to sleep...and hopefully get some extra ZZZZ's.....

Hope you all are well.

Judy in MI

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