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LUNGevity Swag Pics here!

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If you've ever been to a lungevity event, volunteered for lungevity or LCSC and have some LUNGevity swag...let us see your pics!!

The first pic is of "Uneasyrider1" and his wife Rose at the national cancer survivors day celebration at Cancer Care Services.

Second pic is of my son working our LUNGevity booth at the NCS celebration!

I'll post more!




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These are adorable! You kids are too cute, child labor at it's finest for sure! LOL!

Nice picture of Uneasyrider with wifey. Cute couple.

Katie, the work you do to further this movement is inspiring. Thank you for all you do that will help future people dealing with this disease.

Judy in MI

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Hi Katie,

Sorry about being late in getting to the members photo album,after your comment in the morning air,did leave me a bit puzzled,pennies now dropped.

Great to see the kids helping out,they are so cute(not forgetting their mum)Nice to see Bud and Rose to-gether,what a nice couple.Please keep pics coming,they have cheered me up,the rain here has never stopped all day,its just been absolutely miserable confined at home scraping wallpaper,not getting to sit outside in my patio reading in the sunshine,guess I should move over to Buds in Texas?

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My yorkie is a sweetie with a good temperament- she didn't mind

My daughter is a sweetie too!


Maybe she's related to your neighbor? LOL. (she's adopted and way cuter than anyone in my family!)

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What am I saying? I had a silky terrier. She was more like a mutt, but full of personality.

My neighbor girl is also adopted, but they know her birth Mom and I think her little sister is still with the bio Mom. They visited last week. New world families - complicated or simple? I can't decide.

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Nope we r not new world like that- would feel like a babysitter in that sense I think. My daughter is mine all mine!!!...when she is grown she can seek answers to any questions with our blessing- until then, we R an old fashioned family!

that likes to dress up our little doggy, lol


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