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Wednesdays Air

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Weather here not so good,raining and looks like its here for the day,still you can never tell in Scotland,the weather here can be so changable.

On the brighter side,we had a great night yesterday in Glasgow,didnt start too well,I visited a ATM first, to get a bank statement,returned to the car,Sally borrows my glasses to read it while I drove.Arrived at Dino's for a meal,Sally's left my glasses in the car,so neither of us could read the menu,so fall back position required,Sirloin Steak,pots,salad and mushrooms please,medium done.

Arrived at the cinema,really busy,we bumped into a group of our neighbours from Airdrie,would you believe it,all Andre Rieu fans.Every concert I have seen he justs gets better,and the size of the audience in Maastrict was amazing,think everybody in Europe was there,audience participation is great to see also,they get up to dance in the aisles,when the Strauss waltzes are played,its such a joyous occassion.Andre is such a showman he knows how to please an audience,the orchestra,choirs and soloists were just outstanding,something for every musical taste,wont bore you further,enough to say this concert will be out shorty on DVD it will be added to my collection.Just to add,the cinema audience joined with the Maastrict audience in applauding the end of each piece,myself included,rather silly isnt it?but thats the way it gets you.

Well cant sit all day chatting not while theres wallpaper scraping to be done,also to take Sally to the Docs,her leg has been slow to heal and still walking assisted with a crutch,but is going to the doc to discuss the possiblity of returning to work,thats about six months she's been off,I really hope with now being referred for physio,she can get back to walking properly again.

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Hi KatieB,

Pleased dont be discouraged in posting your pics,Id love to see any pics buddies post,it is pleasure enough for me to post,having replies is just the icing on the cake,as you have said before there are many here for a variety of reasons dont post but do get pleasure from seeing and reading the posts.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 78 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 97. Second verse, same as the first...

I had to laugh at your menu comment, Eric. Rose and I discovered that we can't read a menu, newspaper, or anything else together. I still have great vision for things at a distance (can read a sign before anyone else in the car or spot a bass on a bed before anyone else in the boat) but can't see anything up close without my reading glasses. Rose doesn't see well at a distance, but if she can hold something very close to her face, she can see if perfectly. So, if we try to read something together, I'm trying to hold it as far away as possible and she's trying to get it right up next to her face. The only way we can read it together is if I get up and read it over her shoulder.

I'm with Eric, Katie. I love seeing photos here though, like many others, I'm always in a hurry so often don't comment. Have I mentioned that I'm really ready to retire and stop being in a hurry?

Have a great day, all!

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I did respond to your pics yesterday. I was logged in when I started writing. When I hit the submit button, I got the message "you need to be logged in to reply" (or something like that). Went back to my message and it was gone. It was long enough that I just couldn't face writing it again. Sorry.

I wonder if this hasn't happened to others, too. Several people have mentioned that after writing something they lost it.

I thought the pics were great. Let's see some more.


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Hello everyone,

I love Wednesdays because it's one of my "off" days when I get to relax and do whatever my silly little heart feels like. Some times I read all day, or go outside and play with the pups, or sleep in :wink:

Maybe I'll do all 3 of those today. I could not be here much yesterday, just had to pack it all in then so I didn't have to pack anything in today! Katie, I love it when you post pictures, and I love any and all posts. So post away my friend. We completely love what you do here.

Now I can't get into Facebook today. Errgh! It won't let me log in, and so I told it I lost my password, and I've not received a response from them. So no Facebook today. I guess I can live without for a day, but no longer I hope!

Have a good rest of the day. The concert sounds like it was fabulous Eric!

Judy in MI

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Afternoon All! Got on the net for enough time to do an Air post, post it and lose it. I copied it but can't find it in this new computer. Anyway, activate that Hall Pass til Saturday. I'm in a campground in the middle of a corn field with NO service. I'm at a motel briefly while Stan goes in the plant to check on his people. Miss you all. Don't have time to read the rest of the posts but Eric I read yours this morning. I am so glad you finally got to see that must anticipated concert. Sounds like a great event.

See you guys whenever the opportunity presents itself again. Meanwhile, I'm working in my portable office, no printer though. The new cartridge I had didn't work. Electronically, this trip has been a bear. Otherwise, it's o.k. My setting may not be "wired" but it is lovely.

Judy in Rochester IN

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Muriel, I feel your pain. I logged in here last night after an extended break and typed a really long detailed post...logged in this afternoon to see if there were any replies and it wasn't here. I DID manage to get one of my posts on, but have no idea what happened to the longer reply I posted to someone first.

Seems insomnia always brings me back here. I haven't slept since yesterday, laid in bed all night, got up this morning and had coffee with my mother and tried to "nap" for a bit - couldn't sleep, so rested my allergy-infested eyes... Hope to sleep tonight, but on the off chance my tired mind just won't drop off to sleep, I plan on popping an Ambien.

Will be away from my computer, so I may as well sleep! :D

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