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Friday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone! TGIF!

It was 80 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 97, still with a 20 percent chance of rain.

I rode to work all 5 days this week. It was some nice northbound with a tailwind rides to work in the morning darkness, but the afternoon southbound trips against the hot wind were a bit tough.

Just after I turned onto the shoulder of Crowley Road yesterday afternoon, a very pimped out car pulled up beside me. The rap music blasting from it was deafening, even with the completely blackened windows all the way up. Before I had time to wonder what was going on, the passenger window came down, and a gangsta-looking young man behind the wheel turned the music down, leaned over, looked at me, and said, "Your kickstand's down!" I thanked him, stopped, and raised my kickstand.

Have a great day, all!

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Morning All! Don't know what the temp is but the AC just kicked on so it must be getting warmer here everyday. But it's still nice compared to lots of places in the East. The sun is shining. I get online once in awhile but never for long so here goes lol. FOA, Bud, I loved the story of the gangsta car. In the telling, you really made me see it LOL.

When I came on this morning what did I see but Becky Snowflake! Hey girl, welcome back. You and I sharing a brain is a very scary thought lol. FAYI, I was farming on FB for awhile with a gal named Becky and didn't know it was Snowflake. She had this sharp wit I loved and then one day she said there were lots of farmhands (apps that harvest farm animals with one click) buried around her farm and you'd think they'd learn how to pet the calves right by now (when you harvest a calf, you "pet" it). After that someone said something and it clicked--Becky Snowflake. I should have know from that wicked sense of humor. Welcome back Becky.

The campground in the wilderness (I should say yet another campground in the wilderness) has been nice but glad we'll be moving on tomorrow. This big RV blocking my view of the cows in the am is annoying but Stan and I took a walk last evening and sat on a picnic bench and watched the sun go down. I had a good view of the cows on my walk. Funny here it doesn't get dark until 9 pm or so.

I'm going to pray when I click "submit" this post goes thru. Somehow I doubt it. Have a great day everyone.

Judy in IN

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Weather here sunny, scattered clouds,very pleasant.Missed posting here yesterday,oh forgot to mention before,my buddy,Robert Lowe (you know UKs longest surviving sclc and nsclc-17years so far)invited me as a guest to an award ceremoney Sponsored by Glasgow District Council and the Evening Times,to recognise groups and individual citizens who have made a special contribution towards making Glasgow a better place to live.Well Robert was being recognised for his volunteer work in his community and for setting up with Penny Downer the Stobhill Lung Cancer Support Group.Strangely,this event was being held in a Fire Station in Springburn (Where I was born and brought up)the backdrop to the speakers platform was a gleaming big fire engine.I did get dressed up for the event and brought the camera,it was a nice sunny night and there were tables set up outside,groaning with food and drinks,

media people,TV and photographers,I never thought it would be such a big occassion,Robert arrived with his other guests,Penny of course and his newly wed son and his wife,and not forgetting Susan Christie of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation Org.

Robert was taken aside,to be photogaphed and interviewed by a reporter while we looked on,next minute I was called over and interviewed ,which was also recorded,exciting stuff,eh.I took loads of pics,oh and the Lord Provost (Mayor)of Glasgow,wearing his chain of office graciously agreed to pose for me.Robert was presented with a lovely framed certificate,so round off a super night.Susan Christie asked if Robert and I,would like to go to Manchester on the 23rd of September to attend a conference and represent the Roy Castle as Lung Cancer advocates,and tell our stories and our ambitions for future support for Lung Cancer survivors.I of course immeadiately agreed,Robert took a wee bit more persuading,so another wee adventure to look forward to and Ive got the Millport Dinner/presentation in October,here I am really having a lot of fun despite that silly dx.

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Wow Eric, that's wonderful! I can't wait to see all the photos! You sure have become a wonderful advocate!! Keep making noise and raising awareness! Give that Robert Lowe a run for his money (in terms of survivor years!) YAY you!

Bud, you'r story is hilarious...I could picture it in my head...and here the gang-banger comes and you think he's going to jack you up or something and he tells you your kick stand is down! HA! "Excuse me sir, do you have any grey poupon?" LOL

OK, happy Friday everyone. I hope you have a fabulous weekend.

I for one am SO GLAD this week is over.


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Hi Katie,

Thanks for your comments,much appreciated,still trying to get up to speed with America speak, then you hit me with another,what on earth does "Do you have any grey poupon" mean?.

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Eric, it's a reference to an old TV commercial (advert) here in America.

Picture two cars on the street that pull up to each other at a light....one of them is a posh car with a driver...the other is a ratty old car that looks either poor or dangerous....

ironically the ratty car driver rolls down his window and asks the posh car passenger,

"Excuse me sir, do you have any grey poupon?"

Posh guy looks astonished and surprised at ratty guy and hands him over the jar...

It's a fancy mustard type sauce....

Point of advert is that anyone can be posh and everyone uses grey poupon and don't let looks decieve you.

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Wow! So many interesting stories today! The kickstand story had my heart thumping for sure! Great way to write it Bud.

Grey poupon! How funny that must have sounded to Eric. But us Americans sure can't forget that commercial! Funny!

Well, we've had a heck of a weather run. Last night was C R A Z Y!!!!!! Tornado warnings, lightning, power outages over and over and over....it was a wild ride. It ushered in murderous humidity percentages, and highs in the 90's with "feels like" in the 100's. It's cloudy, and there's a huge storm front out on the big lake right now. Within an hour, it's going to start again. This is highly unusual for us to have such an active tornado season so late in the year. Usually we get those in June and then they are gone.

So I'm staying put. Hubs is gone for the weekend to a men's camp out, so I'm sure he's having a blast with this crazy weather. I'm safe and sound, and liking that.

Judy in MI

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Heyall, been just lurking lately. Not much to say. Had another Bronc on Tuesday, brochial tube to my right lung is nearly closed off by the radiation. I just have no stamina for anything.

Great story bout the gangsta car Bud, and the reference to Grey Poupon was spot on Katie.

Worlds largest outdoor rodeo starts tonight in Cheyenne, Wy. Frontier days. I have no desire to partake of those type activities anymore. What I'd love to be doing in this beautiful summer weather is camping, haven't been in a couple years and I miss it. We have been 80s and 90s every day for the last couple weeks but it does drop down to the 50 even the 40s at night makes for really nice evenings.

Just thought I might pop in and say I'm still kickin, I pop in most days, just don't say anything.

Take care all.


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Eric, try this:

Weather here is hot and humid. Quite the downpour last night, 2" deep puddles popped up everywhere. You KNOW it's raining hard when you rush to open the door and a frog hops over the threshold before you make it in. When it's too wet for a frog, you got trouble... Not too much trouble, though, I didn't have to wrestle the hose and water the garden! ;)

Did ya miss me, Judy? LOL "Snowflake" was already taken on FB, I had to use my name, and I've changed that, too... I'm a hard chickie-poo to find if you ever lose me.

I remember the post on dead farm hands, they were offering these flower beds that really looked like grave blankets, so I arranged them around the farm as graves of bad farm hands... LOL

Lately, the threat has been jumper cables for the chickens that won't lay eggs! Fill the coop with golden chickens and they don't lay, lazy things! If I don't get some eggs soon, I'm having a big chicken dinner to put the Colonel (Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken, for your knowledge, Eric) to shame!

Yeah, the weather...stay in the a/c and move as little as possible. You'd think I lived in Georgia or something!

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Ah Becky, so good to have a fellow Michigander here! Whatever weather I get, you get to experience an hour or so later! LOL! Hot, hot, hot is all I can say. And now we have pop up showers happening again for this evening.

Well, we need to remember this in December, when we snow begins!

Judy in MI

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I don't usually bump (I remember when I didn't even know what "bump" meant here, huh Randy) an old Air. But I can't believe lack of is kept me from coming back to this one! From grey poupon to Eric star of advocates in Scotland, to Donny coming out to play for just a little. Hope they can do something to make you feel better soon Donny. You haven't been able to catch many breaks on this journey since the big one when you were saved from med overdose.

Becky, dying at your lastest:

Lately, the threat has been jumper cables for the chickens that won't lay eggs! Fill the coop with golden chickens and they don't lay, lazy things! If I don't get some eggs soon, I'm having a big chicken dinner to put the Colonel (Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken, for your knowledge, Eric) to shame!

For those of you unfamiliar with Farmville, when you harvest a chicken-coop (collect the eggs) and it's full of golden chickens, it periodically gives you a golden egg. You get one and you get to share it with your neighbors. Apparently they have been slighting our Becky and she's not happy about it. LOL

Judy in Georgia posting Monday on Friday's Air--confusing enough???

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