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Saturdays Air

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Its 5.05am woke up just after 3.00am couldnt sleep,well dawns just breaking and its beatiful outside blue skies with scattered clouds all firery red in colour,looks like its going to be a lovely day.

Bud,loved your gangster story,your guy wouldnt get very far in Scotland,before being booked by the police,they dont allow blackened out windows here here,too dangerous particularly at night.

Katie,I can well believe this product is yuck,I think the ad guys really fouled up with the products name,sounds more like to my ears,its an exterior paint for your garage,rather than something edible,but thanks Snowflake for the link,their ads are really funny.

Judy I am really enjoying following your travels,however I just dont understand a word about facebook farming,you an Becky are a pair.

Judy MI,good grief I thought Scotlands weather can be rough,but your weather description would have me under the kitchen table.

Hi Donny,never been to a rodeo before,only had a glimspe of them in films or TV,what did you mean about not participating,surely you didnt mean you actually sat on the back of one of the bucking broncos or bulls,good grief I couldnt do that for a pension.

Hi Ned,good to see you,until I can collar,young Chris to help me post in my pics,you can see the story in the newspaper by going to www evening times.co.uk and type community awards in the box,scroll down to North East Stars sparkle also Cheers for the champs,Robert and I get brief mention in the second page.Look after yourself,see you when the keg bus pulls in,are you sure your garage is big enough for all of us?.

Off to the wallpaper shops to-day with Sally and Irene,I may be gone for some time folks,could you prepare a basin of warm water for my aching feet when I get back home,it will be no surprise to me if this continues into to-morrow also.See you,bye.

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Good morning all!

It's another stormy day with a record 100% humidity. What that translates into is a day of rain, period. Can't have periods of no rain when the humidity is that high.

Eric, in the weather you had, you would not be under the dining room table. In that kind of weather, we hit the basement and stay there until the sirens quit wailing. It was very dangerous weather, with lots of trees down, and wind damage and power outages. But we're used to it, we know to hit the basement, and stay away from windows. I have a tornado shelter in my basement for that purpose!

Hope you survive the wall paper shopping. LOL! That would drive me nuts! I'm a very decisive person, and debating on which one for hours would not be something I'd tolerate very well. LOL!

Katie, I love it when I have happy dreams about my Mom, Dad and Sister. I feel like they visited me from heaven. Yeah!

It's going to be a quiet day, getting laundry done, and staying in the A/C for sure.

Judy in MI

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Morning All! I'm on the road again, dah dah dah I'm on the road again.... Eric, I don't trust this internet service yet because we are still in Indiana but heading South. Yeah!!! I've missed you all and your references to all the other folks posts really made me homesick for LCSC. When I'm more sure of the service again, I'll go back and check out which Air they are in. (For all you English buffs, I know there is one of those pesty sentences ending in a preposition. but "in which" sounds so pretentious lol.)

Oh no, I almost forgot, we had a little delay a short while ago when Stan backed the coach with the trailer with the car on it into a little car at a light in Kokomo. Minor distaster.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy traveling thru and out of Indiana

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Good afternoon, everyone!

It's pretty cloudy here, but still hot. The rain is quite a ways away, in the panhandle of Texas and northern Oklahoma.

I rode 50 miles from home today. I stopped by and visited at City Cyclist. The owner spent most of the hour and a half I was there letting a couple test ride recumbents behind the shop. They mentioned the faired recumbent they see all the time on Crowley Road.......LOL. The owner says he gets that a lot. I guess I should let him put some kind of advertising on my bike. I'd send in even more customers that way.

Eric, vehicles with windows too dark is illegal here, too, but it's a law that's pretty much ignored by law enforcement people. Way too many cars drive here without being able to see well at night. It's a pet peeve of mine.

Katie, I hope your dreams aren't premonitions. I'd just as soon stay away from wheelchairs. I hope you get a break from the storms soon, MI Judy.

Note to self: Don't get behind Stan and Judy's RV on the bike......LOL. Have a great day, all!

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