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Sundays Air

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Anybody?,

I keep knocking on doors,its all so quiet today,everyone just enjoying the weekend and relaxing getting your feet up,well good for you.Bit cloudy today-again-but at least its dry,not long home from ABC,good service about focussing on today and forgetting the past,the good and the bad.Going into Glasgow shortly to visit Dot,well yesterday was a super day,got into Glasgow to visit "The Untouchables"biggest wallpaper shop in Scotland their blurb goes,and instantly saw the wallpaper I wanted in the window display,although it took about another hour and a half,with Irene and Sally to coming round to agree with me,why is it you go shopping with women for something they always have to buy more than you bargained for?seems I had forgotten about window pole and fittings, curtains,Sally also found arty farty metal circular wall hanging made out of metal wires and coloured dics welded to it for the living room.Anyway just over a coupla hours and we were done,back home to deposit the shopping,now down to the best Italian certainly in Airdrie if not further afield called Guidies,super bruiscetta with prawns for starters,then chicken with pasta followed by strawberry and lemom ice-cream,ordered three peronis a lovely Italian lager,usally we get the smaller bottles,but the waitress brought three pints,my fault,total cost £60,you might wonder why I bore you with such details,well apart for good therapy and my love of telling a story,I just would like to compare with you the price of a meal in the USA?

Sisters Dot is just back from her hols,so looking forward to hearing of her adventures.Enjoy the rest of your weekend everybody,see you soon.

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Morning All! Eric I almost opened for you this morning. I answered a couple of posts and was hurrying to post my Air and lost the whole thing. I was so aggravated. Stan was showered and all ready to go, so I just showered and we left. It was all made up for me though when Stan stopped at a Starbuck's before we got back on the interstate. I do love my lattes. He doesn't even drink them but is good about endulging me every now and then. I'm not supposed to do dairy but hey, once in awhile.

Don't stop telling us stories Eric. I love them. And when I get off here, I'm going to try to google some about a comparison of our money. No promises though, I don't think the adding machine is handy in the coach lol.

Have a great day everyone. Five bars on AT&T mobile so maybe I'm good for awhile.

Judy in Kentucky.

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Judy has to get to harvesting crops and milking cows and feeding hogs while the bar is up and running!!!

Eric that sounds delish and about a 40$ meal here in NC so that might help ya some for a comparison! just dropping in to check on everyone and thought to post up real quick!

Weather in NC right Now???

Its so hot out side

How hot is it Randy you ask?

Its so hot that when I cut the grass at 9 am I come inside for a cool shower and I have to wait for the water in the shower to COOL DOWN!!!!!

That's hOt folks!

Saw my high school sweetheart for for first time in 20 some years the other day ! Man How did I miss that chance???? Oh well here is to happy reunion and great friendship!!

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Good morning everyone!

It's a spectacular morning here today. The humidity is gone, and the sun is shining, and the best............it's about 75 degrees! Whooooo Hooooo!!!!!! Love it.

Went to a wonderful church service today, and we are doing baptisms at the Lake this afternoon. 22 people are signed up to "take the dive". Yeahhhhhhhh baby.

Can you tell I'm in a great mood? I'm here reading and typing and hubby is making breakfast for me. It does not get any better than that.

Eric, never stop your stories. I love them so much. I did look up the conversion from Lira to US collar and it's about .66 cents = 1 US dollar. So the price is about in line with what we'd pay here for such a wonderful meal. Very nice.

We went carpet shopping yesterday. Puppy chewed up a corner of my dining room. I wanted something different that what I had. While the sales man did his talking, I just walked around the store, not listening to him or my husband. I KNEW that when I saw IT, the carpet, I would know it. He didn't need to sell me. And I could hear the men saying "where is she?" and I popped around the corner, and said I found it! And it was perfect. They are coming out to install it on Thursday. It's gorgeous if I must say so myself. But then I have good taste! LOL

Randy how nice it is to run into an old friend. I love that. I love facebook because it has given me the chance to reconnect with old friends from high school. It's awesome.

Judy, you sure have been challenged with posts going *poof* on you! Happy travels to you, while we all get ready to head to Hawaii. Eric, I highly doubt the dignitaries of Hawaii are going to appreciate nails from you, but it's good that you thought so much of them to bring them with you. LOL!

Have a great rest of the day folks.

Judy in MI

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LOL Randy, that is hot!

Glad you're having such a good day Judy.

Eric, don't know from liras but the conversion chart I looked at compared your pounds to dollars. Do you use GBPs? It said you did and it said that as of July 23, 2010, 1 pound equalled $1.54. Wouldn't that make your purchase 2/3 of the US cost? Not sure my brain is up to this yet.

Stan voluntarily got off the interstate today to stop at an Amish store. It was great. I added a jar of homemade cherry and black raspberry jam to the blackberry one I got in Blossburg. Lots of good stuff from the Amish store and more Georgia peaches at the nearby produce stand. When I got back to the coach I toasted a piece of homemade buttermilk bread and slathered it with butter and cherry jam. Now that was heaven!

Have a great day. Randy, I'm down to one bar but guess I'd better at least try to get to the farm. I've been on vaca long enough.

Judy in Tennessee

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