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A quiz for lung cancer awareness


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I'm really amazed because this is the coordinating organization for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, University of Washington Medical Center, and Children's Hospital - a top cancer center. I did send an email telling them of my disappointment. I thought it was just an error until I looked at their Lung Cancer Prevention and Early Detection page - threaded throughout everything are comments related to smoking, very little that says you can get lc having never smoked.

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I find this EXTREMELY disappointing. Especially given that I have an appointment at UW tomorrow. The doctors at these institutions are known to be 'the best of the best.' I find it incredibly disheartening to know that 'the best of the best' don't have their facts straight, or worse--are putting out misinformation.

I guess we'll just see if they put a note about my being a 'troublesome patient' in my chart when they get the email I sent. ;)

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Bad, bad, for all the reasons mentioned. And I respectfully disagree with their approved answer on #7, and not just because I "missed" it. The words "can help" make this a true statement, IMHO. Be interesting to see the discussion on GRACE — I haven't been there yet today. When I get back from chemo I'll still probably be decadroned enough to write them an email.


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Well, glad they saw your blog, but I question if they "get it" because they never should have published such garbage. Do we see surveys asking what people know about skin cancer, pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, and so many other cancers that can be caused by life style choices? NO! We don't.

And they could say that those other cancers can be caused by things other than life style choices. Well that's the same with lung cancer.

This infuriates me.

I'm going to write them.

Judy in MI

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You know, that quiz is probably part of their marketing rather than awareness and education outreach. The Early detection and prevention program is aimed at smokers.

Thanks for bringing it to their attention Katie. I got nothing back from my email.

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