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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! Heating up in northern FL already at 9 am. Stan sat outside for a little before we left and he said it was quite pleasant. That was about a half-hour ago. We're not exactly on the last leg of our journey but close. We'll hit Port St Lucie this afternoon and stay over at least one night, may two, don't know yet.

Great treat last night. We pulled into a campground that had some sort of game farm on private property on the back edge. I hiked back there and was rewarded with seeing a horse, a big steer, two donkeys, two peacocks one whit one blk and an assortment of goats including a long-haired one. There was a big white animal half hidden at a little distance. I couldn't make out what it was, white and cow-like but much more massive head and shoulders visible. Curious.

Well I'm off to my virtual farm to harvest some crops and animals. Stan just said if he wins the lottery, he's going to buy a farm somewhere in the US.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy just south of Gainesville

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 71 degrees as I rode to work this morning. That's the coolest morning I've seen in a while here. Forecast high is 91, and we still have a 30 percent chance of rain.

I was dodging storms on the way home yesterday afternoon. It sprinkled most of the ride, but the serious rain and lightning waited until just after I had rolled my bike into the garage.

Last night was support group night, but it's a long enough drive across the metroplex that I wasn't willing to drive it in the rain, the second month in a row that I've conceded it to storms.

Have a great day, all!

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Mostly toasty here, got to 99 yesterday and only down to 75 overnight but may only get to the upper 80s today.

The damage to my bronchial tube in my right lung sounds like is permanent, however the biggest problem is the inflammation in my left lung makes it only about 50% efficient, just limits the heck outta my breathin. Woke up yesterday morning and my O2 had fallen off my face, therefore my O2 saturation was down to about 56%. It makes me really dizzy and everything turns yellow. The strange thing about all of it is that I am becoming more and more convinced that this is all going to turn around and I will have some better days coming, matter of fact I feel like I still have years ahead of me and I plan for them to be happy.

Been makin a bunch of facebook friends from my high school days lately. Next year is our forty year reunion. Just seems like yesterday was like our 39th reunion time. I haven't been to one yet but I might actually try to go to this one.

Wulp, yall have a great day if you want. I' think I'll try also.


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Very late addition to Tuesday's Air! Hi everyone! Had a busy, busy day today so didn't get in here like I normally do. It was a good busy so no complaints!

It's in the 80's today, humidity building again. Always does just before a "cold" front moves in. Doesn't get cold this time of year, but I can see the trend starting to move in the other direction as the temps slowly begin their downward trend in Michigan. I love the different seasons - I love moving through them and enjoying the best elements of them all!

Well, don't have much to add today so see you all later!

Judy in MI

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In PSL and Stan has the kid at the campground pool so I thought I'd duck in while the ducking was good.

Hey Bruce, you funny honey!

Bud, please keep dodging those storms!

Judy, so glad the weather is suiting you well, enjoy.

Judy in KW

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Hi Everybody,

Gosh I am late,but I have a excuse me note from my mother,actually its 12.40am on Wednesday here,just a few hours I hope to be contributing to the Wed Air,weather today as boring as yesterday overcast no sun, but warm and dry.

Bruce,sorry,but I think you are way off target with Judy's white cow-like apparition,first of all the US of A dos'nt have buffalos they have bisons,anyway they happen to be dark brown in colour,I am an expert in this subject you know,since we have a bison in Palacerigg Country Park in Cumbernauld.I have a sneaking suspicion that this is a HUGE white breed of cow from France called a Chari...........,oh I hate it when I forget the name of something,although, come on, it is a French word I dont get to use very often, when I am in the bar with my buddies.Alternatively it could be the abducting alien that Becky is on about,gosh I will be really worried if Judy dosnt post to-morrow?.

Donnie,sorry to hear,about your breathing difficulties,hopefully this will pass,I dont know if I am way off now myself,bearing in mind high temperatures for me is mid-seventies for me,but when it does happen I find breathing more difficult?.Iam tired, time for bed ,sleep tight everyone see you in the morning,god willing.

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You need to understand that we Americans may be ignorant, but we are consistently so. Science may say we have bison, folklore says we have buffalo - tradition wins out. The first clue, I would think, would be that since the beginning of Europeans over here, we've referred to the natives as Indians - and they aren't from India at all. Those darned explorers were typical men, lost and too stubborn to ask for directions! :lol:

Also, alien abductions of cattle and sheep are a phenomenon with crop circles, so the apparition that Judy spied may very well have been dropped there by the mother ship. I did find a picture of a large, white bovine, this is the second one I found, as the previous was a photo of a very, er, "happy" bull... http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-b ... image17080

Pretty quiet day here, all-in-all. Managed a road trip and dinner with the boy, always a fun time. Tomorrow may be a bit more stressful, starting with the dentist...ugh.

'Til then!

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I have to agree with Snowflake, we are totally consistently ignorant. When we aren't we are arrogant enough to argue until the competition gives up. That said I do know that in the states we do have large white cattle that are French and are called Charlois or something of that sort and they are worth their weight in flagging. In my years of seismograph working I learned that that particular breed of cattle don't eat flagging tape which is used by all seismograph crews to mark their way around. However I did also work in a restaurant for a spell that was called the White Buffalo, come to your own conclusion. But of course when I was in elementary school we were taught that America was discovered by Christopher Columbus who was obviously an alcoholic, when he left home he didn't know where he was going, when he got over here he didn't know where he was. When he went home he didn't know where he had been, and he got a woman to pay for everything. Night night all, I got the light.


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