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new work out program for all of us "Young" ladies


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> 2004 Weekly Workout Routine



> Everyone has made a resolution to begin an exercise


>Not wanting to harm this old body, I've devised the following:


> Monday

>Beat around the bush

>Jump to conclusions

>Climb the walls

>Wade through the morning paper


> Tuesday

>Drag my heels

>Push my luck

>Make mountains out of mole hills

>Hit the nail on the head


> Wednesday

>Bend over backwards

>Jump on the Band Wagon

>Run around in circles


> Thursday

>Advise the President on how to run the country

>Toot my own horn

>Pull out all the stops

>Add fuel to the fire


> Friday

>Open a can of worms

>Put my foot in my mouth

>Start the ball rolling

>Go over the edge


> Saturday

>Pick up the pieces.


> Sunday

>Kneel in prayer

>Bow my head in thanksgiving

>Uplift my hands in praise

>Hug someone and encourage them.


>Whew! What a workout!


>Hope your new workout will

>make a difference for you!




>Author unknown






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