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Monday's Air


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Morning All! Says 85 online, Stan's device says 87. Not too bad really. Might even take a break on the porch today.

Not happy that I woke at 4 am, finally got up at 5 and was in the office computer working before 7. Thought I'd better get an early start. I could crap out really early.

I read Sunday's Air but can't remember what anyone said except Judy in MI cause I read her post this morning. Got lots on my mind guys. A ton of stuff to attend to before I leave again and I really want to go to our Tropic Cinema and see "The Kids Are All Right" that opened here in KW. The producer/director lives here. Anyway, I can say to you Judy, that no matter that the doctors have not confirmed the. I know it will be difficult in MI in the winter, but you have a tool now. You know that keeping warm as much as possible will lessen the likelihood of a siezure. Turn down that AC!

Have a great day everyone. I'm still losing posts so I'm getting out while the getting is good. I lost the first start and almost lost this one twice!

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 76 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high for this afternoon is 105 degrees.

I enjoyed yesterday's club ride and ended up with 58 miles. I finished just past noon, and joined the club picnic after that. Once I got home, I pretty much zombied out in front of the tv the rest of the day. I had another good mileage month in July, finishing with 814 miles for the month.

MI Judy, are those rented movies on DVD? If so, you'll need a DVD player to watch them. Your DVR won't do it. You could probably watch them on your computer.

Hope you're feeling better today, Donny. Have a great day, all!

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Morning everyone,

Thanks KW Judy. Yeah, keeping the air down and wearing lots of jackets. I did decide to try the medication 1/2 dose 3 times a day rather than full dose once a day. Maybe increasing the dosage will help.

Bud, I mis-spoke. I do have a DVD, but do you think I could figure out how to use it? There I sat with 3 remotes, and was just confused. LOL!

I'm at volunteer work all day and have a meeting this evening, so busy day for me! Actually have a busy week! Get TV back tomorrow! Yeah!

Judy in MI

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It sure is Monday....argh.

Had a really great day yesterday, barbecued ribs on the grill and two goofy dogs. I taped this:

Evening started the downhill slide, and it's continued from there. Business calls made that didn't field the favorable results I was hoping for. Flippin' government agencies.

...and I'm beginning to think I really dislike other peoples' kids...

Time for an attitude adjustment, maybe head out for some ice cream and ruin my dinner...

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Yep, Hans is a German Shorthair, so is Gretta, his partner in crime that moves out of the frame. She doesn't climb trees, she cheers. I was visiting "their" grandparents yesterday for a barbecue. Food was good, entertainment was great.

It really was hilarious to watch, I'm not sure what he was after, but he ran up quite far and many times. I had time to get the camera after his first few forays. Crazy darn dog! He climbed higher than the grandkid who happened to be visiting at the time, and she has thumbs.

Haven't made it for ice cream, ran into a chicken massacre and brought home some pieces in a bucket... There were parts everywhere, think I ended up with about sixteen pieces, in a striped bucket. Nice to have friends in high places, had a colonel cook it up just right for me. Yum!

Still thinking ice cream, though. There's the second of three local county fairs going on this week, but I'm not sure I want to venture in that direction. Makes Wal-Mart look like the Ritz! LOL

Or, maybe I should pack up my camera and go. It's on all week, better find my battery charger! ;)

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Dog antics are soooo fun. I had a dog years ago that chased rocks, even underwater. Amazed me that he could find the same rock underwater. He was a Chesepeake and Newfoundland mix, beautiful gigantic maroon dog. You know Becky when they are someone else's kids, you don't have to take the problem with you.

I'm doing little better today, figgered out that I've been having an allergic attack on top of everything else. Took some Benedryl this morning and slept all day but it has sure help me level out some. PET scan coming up this week then see the onc next week. Mary really wants to go and try to explain just how bad I really am. I guess I tend to gloss it over some cause I hate being such a big whiner most of the time. Anyway, still in the nineties here but I'm feeling some better and I'll take all I get.


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Donny, dude...complaining about not feeling like breathing is NOT whining, it's important for your doctor to know that. It could be an allergic reaction, as you are guessing, but maybe you could get a better allergy medication than Benadryl...

Take care of yourself!

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Good evening everyone. Guess I am a little late. Worked all day, ran around after picking up b-day presents and cake. Now tired and crabby, eating ice cream. I guess ice cream makes everyone feel better. Boy I am tired, but now feeling guilty about being tired after reading about the 58 miles that Bud did yesterday on his bicycle. :shock:

Becky (snowflake), I loved the dog video. How crazy. I wonder what they were thinking. Becky I too feel like I hate other people’s kids, when they are being brats!! I just thank god they are not mine :lol:

Well nighty night everyone. Now that I figured out there is a daily chat, I would love to join in. I leave for work early so I might be an afternoon evening chatter.

Oh yeah 87 degrees here. KatieB, 109 degrees WOW! I use to like in Venice, Florida, but I don’t remember it being that hot.


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