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Test Time---Had to rescan???


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I hope somebody can help calm my nerves and reassure me that all is not hopeless here---I am about ready to get the Ativan out.

I had my six month scan and blood work done this morning... and this afternoon, got a call to go back in to rescan for my lower lungs and kidneys.

I know the technician isn't allowed to say much, but does it sound possible that her reason for it--that I hadn't taken a deep enough breath for the baseline picture before the contrast was administered----could possibly be for real ???

I'll surely be a basket case by morning.


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Hey Deb,

It would be great if they would check for clarity before they got you off the scanner, but sometimes the tech and the actual radiologist don't see eye to eye on what constitutes a clear scan. My February scan was too cloudy to really read - the timing of the contrast was off. We just waited until the next scan to confirm stable and unremarkable. But that was only 3 months out.

Some facilities don't care what prep you do - others ask for a 6 hour fast prior to scan. I've voluntarily done the fast just to help make the read the best it can be. And lots of water prior to the scan.

Will keep you in the good thoughts.

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I know what kind of anxiety you feel when those things happen. On the day of my appointment with my lung surgeon, if any little thing is not exactly how I think it should be going, I get nuts. I overanalyze any glance or look that I get from medical staff members, and it's always just in my head.

Last time I went for my chest xray, the tech had to repeat both views and I was nearly jumping out of my skin waiting to hear the results.

I think you would be fine to believe the tech's reason for repeating the scan. I'm sure they don't want to give the doctor a bad scan to try to decipher. And I think also these scans are so precise and detailed now that any small motion can blur the pictures.

Wishing the best results for you,


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Try not to worry. It's highly likely that they just didn't get a good scan. If they got a good scan and found something suspicious, they would not call you back for a second, they'd be calling you to the Onc. So it's very likely they botched the scan.

But I do understand. Life after cancer is so frightening at times, and the worry can drive you batty. Hang in there. If you need an Ativan, just take it!!!!! :-)

Judy in MI

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I think you are saying Deb that you are NED.... if that is the case which I think it is...... CONGRATS!!!!

It's amazing how you can really worry yourself and it turns out to be nothing... so glad that happened in your case. :mrgreen:

Maryanne :wink:

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Yes--I am NED !!! :mrgreen:

So relieved to hear the scans were clear after having to go back. The radiologist is the same one that's been looking at my stuff all along and he wanted a better look at the scar tissue from my surgery and the technician evidently didn't have me take a deep enough breath the first time around.

Next time it's just a xray and doc says we can talk about maybe taking my port out !! :D

Thanks again for the support here !!!

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