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Tuesday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 76 degrees as I rode to work today. Forecast high is 104. Today is my 93rd commute by bike of the year.

Welcome to The Air, Libby! As you've no doubt seen already, there are some great people here at LCSC. But, we usually only get to see them talk about cancer. Off Topics gives us a place to talk other stuff, and a few of us discuss the day to day in The Air. Who's birthday was yesterday?

And yes, I'm the cycling nut in the group. I'm sure my enthusiasm for it is annoying sometimes, but this is a tolerant group, and they put up with me.

Remind me to never take a whirlwind lightly again. I was blown down by a really strong one on the ride home yestercay. I was southbound on Lubbock Avenue, about a half mile from work, when I saw a whirlwind cross about a block in front of me. Like most, this one was moving west to east. It had cleared the road and I thought it was gone, but for some reason, it turned and crossed the road again, hitting me squarely before I knew what was happening.

I didn't have a lot of speed, and the strong swirling winds instantly stopped me completely, then blew me over on my left side. In a moment that made me glad I was on a close to the ground bike, I put my left hand down and stopped my fall, feet still clipped to the pedals. There I was for an instant, using just my left arm to keep myself off the concrete. I managed to unclip, got my left foot on the road, and used my left leg to upright myself, without anything other than my hand and foot ever touching the concrete. It was a strange feeling maneuver that I'd never attempted before. My handlebar had been tweaked crooked, but there was no other damage to either bike or rider. I quickly straightened my handlebar and continued on my way.

Did I mention that 103 degrees makes for a very hot ride home? Have a great day, all!

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No dog videos today, but since I learned how to upload to YouTube yesterday, as soon as I find the battery charger for my camera, there may be more movies to follow. I so love finding a new toy...

Have you ever purchased a "some assembly required" item with a blister pack of hardware that VISIBLY has missing components? I mean, where's the quality inspector? Seriously! Then, following instructions and finding faulty workmanship on the the "pre-assembled" part. Of course, you aren't to take it back to the store, you have to contact the vendor. Irritating when an inexpensive item, but when it's something that costs a chunk of change and you have the issue, it is EXTREMELY annoying. Yep, sent a note to their customer service, since their phone number is continuously busy and that's the only avenue open to me. ARGH!

I'm off, errands to run and farming to do. Maybe KW Judy will invite me into her farmhouse for a cup of coffee...I haven't seen her 5th wheeler on the farm, hope she's home!

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Wow Bud, you are blessed that you didn't get hurt or your bike damaged in that whirlwind. I've never heard of those before. We get tornados, which everyone knows what they are, but I didn't realize there were these mini tornados, called whirlwind. That's why I love the daily air, I get to learn about other parts of the world, and other cultures. So cool. Glad you are okay.

Becky, I understand your frustration. The first frustration for me is getting those stupid plastic packs open. I swear that the manufacturer's dream up new ways to make it impossible for us to get the product out. I usually just find the biggest most robust pair of industrial scizzors I own and hack away. LOL!

Our church had a giant yard sale this weekend. As a result, my husband was thrilled to get a free brand new wood chipper! It didn't sell, and since we invested time in it, they told us to just take it. Now, I'm not even sure what one does with one of these, but my man thinks it's the cats meow so that's good enough for me.

I'm at volunteer work, but have to get home by noon. The cable guy is coming to repair the cables husband chopped, and get our TV back on. Yeah! And while he is working, I will head out to cast my vote for a new governor, senator, and a couple of house of rep seats. We need a big change in Michigan. Our state is almost bankrupt, and unemployment is still the 2nd highest in the USA. It's okay, it was number 1 for a long time, but still.....we need strong change.

Supposed to be very humid today. But I see it's quite windy, which means more storms. That is a good thing.

Well, have a good day all. It was so nice to see everyone writing in yesterday's Air.

Judy in MI

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Weather here overcast again,I havent seen much of the sun for a couple of weeks now,at least its dry and warm(mid sixties)I dont know how you can work in America when the temperatures are in the ninties or even over a hundred,it would be hard enough to tolerate these temperatures,just lying in the shade eating ice-cream.Our July had 50% more rain than the norm,no wonder Iam on Adcal its lack of sunshine,Iam not getting enough Vitimin D.

Just finished re-decorating the bedroom,well not quite,still got to get the carpet and curtains,then I can lay back and read for the rest of the week,got a new book "The Forgotten Highlander"A true story written by a 91 year old Scot,about his experience of being a prisoner of war under the Japenese,he is still very bitter over Japan not coming clean,and telling their schoolkids the truth about their armies behavior to other nations during WW11,he thinks they should be doing as the Germans did,with their young generation.Ill let you know if its a good read or not when I am finished.

Well its back to work for me Monday next,where did these six weeks go?fortunately our students dont arrive for a futher two weeks,gives me time to prepare timetables,and handout materials,will be finding it a bit strange having to share an open plan office with all the lecturers in our school,I will need to be more careful about what I say from now on,when talking to the other senior lecturer and head of school.

Watched the second programme of the Amish Kids,its called "The Worlds Squarest Teenagers",its really so illuminating and entertaining,these kids are so nice.This week they were staying with some families in Kent,first stop was a visit to the seaside,you know these kids had never been on a beach before,the Amish girls found it difficult seeing all the young girls wearing skimpy bikinis(they wouldnt like the continent either since all the girls go about topless)the Amish girls were worried about the boys being exposed to all this feminine flesh,but boys being boys they didnt mind in the slightest.In fact they were smoking and drinking beers outdoing the English guys.

Next outdoor pop concert,Amish girls again didnt like dancing to music,(work of the devil)They dont do art either,its being boastful,if they are not working they can find all the entertainment they need reading their bibles.There were a lot of cut scenes back to America,and their way of life,to me anyway does have its attractions.Next week staying with an upper crust family,on a country estate,should be fun.

Donny,glad to hear you have picked up a bit,hope your scan and onc visit next week goes well,as Becky was saying maybe a wee trip to your GP,might help suss out some better medication for your breathing problems.Look after yourself.

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone,bye.

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LOL...oh, Eric, you crack me up! Read your first thought about our temperatures here and then consider being Amish. No running water, they bathe on Saturday night and they work heavy manual labor all week. No air conditioning, no fans, 90-100 degrees and high humidity partnered with a weekly bath - dude, they get kinda "ripe"!

Maybe I'll get some footage and post on YouTube when I can find the charger for my camera battery. You can then see the horse-drawn buggies they ride in, some of the fields and their homesteads and sawmills...

My understanding is that buttons are considered vain, so the women wear their dresses pinned with straight pins instead of buttoned. I believe the men have buttons on their white shirts, but they are very plain buttons. As a group, they are a very friendly bunch, will speak in the grocery store or wave on the road when passed.

I'm sure your documentary covers a lot of the sect's idiosyncrasies, but some things just have to be seen to be believed...

Judy, I believe you've actually seen whirlwinds here, skipping down the roads and blowing the leaves in a circular pattern. I know we have them here, but I've never attempted to ride a bike through them or walk through them, all that swirling dust - yuck!

Good that Bud caught himself, I've always feared those strap-in pedals. I'm a bit of a klutz and can't imagine not being able to catch my tottering butt! :roll:

I think I'm melting. The humidity is horrible today. Kicked back in front on the fan before my next run of errands...thank goodness for A/C!

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Yes Becky, the humidity is horrible. Just spent an hour outside with the cable dude trying to decide where to put the antenna. Sheesh! It's unbearable out there. I'm staying put in the AC.

Eric you are a hoot. So fun to hear about that Amish show. I wish we had that here. We have large Amish farms around Michigan. They have stands where they sell their pies (YUMMY) and other baked goods. I always stop and buy and chat. They are a charming people.

Judy in MI

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Hi Snowflake,

Oh I forgot to mention the Amish dont do flowers? no explaination given,I am still scratching my head over that one.Thanks for your additional information,the programme just shows "nice things on farm life" no hard work,girls leisurely sewing their own clothes,then another scene,large family group having dinner at a huge dining table,a real nice family scene.I thought cleanliness was next to godliness,daily heavy labour,high temperatures and humidity,no bath or shower?oh come on, why not?maybe a shortage of water on the farm?

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More insight, Eric?

Amish homes do not have running water, water is fetched from the pitcher pump, as my grandparents used to do it. The potty is a little house out back, built over a hole full of yucky stuff. No heat in the outhouse, some may not even have a seat, just a board with a hole...

The men and boys work the fields and tend to the animals in the barns and yards. No tractors, a team of draft horses are used (anywhere from 1-4) and the farmer walks behind with the plow. Wheat is cut with a knife and stacked in tufts to dry, as are cornstalks after harvest.

The leisurely life of women and girls, they work the garden, do the laundry, cook, sew, clean...everything by hand. Oh yeah, and tend to the babies that keep coming.

Yep, definitely need to find that battery charger and get some pictures...

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Bud, I never heard of a whirl wind, I am guessing it is like a tunnel of wind. Glad you did not get hurt. I think it is great you are a cycle nut!! 103 degrees, dry air I hope or is it humid in Texas? I do like The Air, helps to focus on positive things. I really need to try and log on earlier.

Had a 50th birthday party for my husband today, everyone just left. I am wiped. Need to work tomorrow, tired…..

Becky. “some assembly required” usually means buyer beware, bet it was made in China. I usually get my razor blade knife out. You are so funny when you talk about the Amish :lol:

Judy, I would imagine unemployment is very high, considering the loss of the vehicle manufacturers. Where we live unemployment is also very high.

Eric, six weeks off does go fast, I bet you will be happy to get back to lecturing at school. What a great job :!:

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