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Spasms are killing me


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I know there are no answers. I've been to neurologists, pulmonary doctors, my regular doctor, rheumotolgists, and more.

These muscle spasms are killing me. Today I woke to muscle spasms in my feet, so bad that my right foot was stuck straight out to the right of my ankle, in a horrifically bad spasm. I sprang out of bed trying to walk off the spasm. Finally I put a heat patch on it and took medical bandage and taped it to the ankle, and it finally subsided. It was horrid.

At the same time my left ribs also spasmed in such a painful way that my ribs felt like someone just punched me in the ribs. What the heck is this?

Then my puppy got into the mud at the lake, and in trying to shower her off of the mud, my admonimal muscles spasmed as I tried to get her cleaned off.

My goodness! I just do not understand this. At times I think the spasms are caused by being cold, but today was a hot day and no reason for them.

I went to the grace cancer site tonight and asked the questions, but I'm feeling hopeless that they will have the same answers as all the other doctors. That answer is 'we never heard of this before". Sigh.

I'm depressed. I try so hard to be positive about life post cancer. But this is having a serious effect on my quality of life.

I go to bed each night in fear. I may be able to sleep. But it's more likely that I'll be held hostage by rib spasms, or feet spasms, and I'll be up most of the night battling these things.

If you have ever heard of such a thing, please respomd. Im desperate for someone to say "I heard of this."

Judy in MI

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We've been having some really hot weather here in Minnesota, have you in Michigan? Are you well hydrated? Sometimes you can get cramps from dehydration or electrolyte imbalance. Hope you fee better soon.

Donna G

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I get muscle spasms in my feet and leg calves all the time. I always have, but it seems much more since the Chemo. I also get spasms in the area of the surgery (i was told this could happen and may be forever)

I have not found any conncection with food. I hope you find out why. Maybe you are dehydrated drink more water and eat one bananna a day (thats what I have been told). Sounds like you have severe case of spasms. I get cramps in legs so bad I want to scream.

Go to your regular Doctor see what they say :(


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Try the banana, and not drinking more than 32 oz. of water per day but hitting the magic half-gallon number. Too much water will wash out your electrolytes. Bananas help keep your potassium stable, and a banana a day is not bad advice.

My suggestion? Try acupuncture. Seriously. Some insurance carriers cover the procedure and it's done in an office setting.

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Judy, with all the doctor visits you've had on this problem I have to assume that your potassium levels were checked (and are continuing to be monitored), but you should make sure. The banana suggestion is fine, but for some people that's not nearly enough. Although my diuretic is a potassium-sparing one, I still have to take 20 MEQ of a potassium supplement every day, and I eat my banana too. My family physician and my oncologist's nurse practitioner both push this rather hard, and it's kept the cramps away (except for a few times when I was on Tarceva, which has been discussed here before).

I also agree with the acupuncture suggestion. Here in Hawaii, with its large Oriental population, it's common to have an acupuncturist sharing an office with other more "traditional" Western medicine specialists — maybe not so much in Michigan. I haven't used their services myself, but we have family friends who are acupuncturists, and they are very serious medical professionals. Michigan should have some too.


http://acupuncture-treatment-specialist ... n-0-MI.htm

http://acupuncturists.healthprofs.com/c ... rists.html

Good luck, Judy!


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Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Am thinking I may take you up on the Accupuncture. I've heard it does wonders. I do take magnesium and potassium in prescription form, but it's not doing the trick. I do eat bananas too. So it wouldn't hurt to try something else. There's got to be a solution for this!

Thanks friends!!!!!

Judy IN MI

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I'm sorry that I haven't responded to your earlier posts. Just lazy and I figured someone else also had the experience.

I have the same symptoms, but not quite so severe. My onc didn't know - or really care about it. That's 3 oncs, really. My PCP suggested magnesium and calcium. Didn't make much difference. He said there was a med. I could try, but I wasn't ready to do that yet, but I see him again on Fri.

I think it's nerve damage from chemo (I've had chemo twice).

I sure hope someone can give us more info.

I'd write more, but I have 2 broken bones in my hand. :cry:


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I sometimes get awful spasm attacks on my right side. It has been awhile since I last had one but boy oh boy do I remember the pain. I know it has something to do with the surgery because I never had this problem before. It could start from a deep cought or a hearty laugh. The one thing I will never ever do again as long as I live is to toss my arm over the seat as I turn to look behind me as I back up my car. I have not had a spasm in a good while now, so I hope they are gone forever.


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Judy, wish I could offer some advice but I don't have the experience. I do want to throw in with the benefit of Accupuncture. Have used it for pain several times in my life and my PCP was once an Accupunturist (until he moved away). It's often a last-ditch for people but often successful when all else failed.

Judy in KW

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