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Wednesday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 78 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 104.

Whirlwinds are very common here in the summer, MI Judy. In West Texas, which is pretty barren for the most part, they call them dust devils. With all the dust they pick up, you can see them from many miles away.

Libby, we get lots of humid days here. Even some of the days in the 90's are humid. But, it usually only gets over 100 degrees on lower humidity days.

Eric, I hope you still find time to stop by after you return to work. Have a great day, all!

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Morning All! How chatty the Air was yesterday and I missed it. Bud, glad you survived that mishap. Nothing better though than being able to catch yourself from a nasty fall without great damage. Been there, done that on my bike once when the brakes failed coming down a hill into an intersection.

Becky, I wish you could see our RV on my farm. Maybe I'll post a pic of it sometime.

Sorry I've been so scarce the last couple of days. Take the paper pile in the office and add getting chemos set up for on the road, moving furniture for the new AT&T UVerse guy, linens from the coach and the house in addition to my personal laundry (glad Stan takes responsibility for his clothes), cancer group and dinner last night, labs today and the AT&T guy due shortly after I got back. Oh yeah, I forgot running back and forth to the coach to retreive stuff we need and the fresh veggies I must saute when I get back from labs. Whew, I am exhausted just typing it all. Daughter and grandson arrive on Saturday with him staying a week so the pressure is on.

Have a more leisurely day today than I will have.

Judy in KW

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Wow, I was all motivated with Bud's talk of bike rides and higher temperatures then here and almost tied on my walking shoes...then I read Judy's post and I'm so tired, I'm thinking a nap may be in order...right in front of the fan blowing the A/C directly on me... LOL

Another hot and humid day here in the Great Lake state. Pass the ice cream!

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Good Evening Everyone,

Bit brighter to-day,although loads of pesky clouds drifting by,obscuring the sun from enhancing my sun tan.

Stobhill Lung Cancer Support Group Day,excellent guest speaker,Dr Gill Highet,currently doing a research project into After care for Lung Cancer Patients,she has completed the first phase,having consulted with medical practioners for their views,she is now spending the next six months touring the Uk,consulting with lung cancer patients and groups like ours.She taped our discussion,and expressed her gratitude for the contribution we have made to her research, at the end of the meeting.

I have managed at last, to transfer my pics from my camera into my laptop ,and creating a new file for them,only problem they were supposed to appear in the file "my pictures",but I eventually found them in "my documents"still to figure that one out?

Jennifer and Chris are coming for dinner to-morrow,hope to get him to post my pics here into Photo Album,must learn how to do it myself,its just he is so quick in doing this.My task to-night and to-morrow is to select the best couple of dozen out of approx 700 for Chris to send.Its not a chore for me its fun.

Bud sorry missed your comments on you fighting a whirlwind with your bike,glad to hear you both escaped relatively lightly,boy I bet that made your pulse race a bit?dont get these freak winds here(thank goodness)Oh no need for any concern about neglecting LCSC when I return to work,me boring the pants off everyone on a daily basis will continue,you didnt think you were getting off that easily do you?Anyway this is my therapy,otherwise I would be spending a fortune on a therapist.

Judy,I was only halfway through reading about your today chores,and I got tired never mind doing them,my suggestion,drop everything get in your coach and get back on the road again for a rest. Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.

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Eric, I think all agree, you are never boring.

Becky and Eric, do either of you recall my saying how I had to wash dishes and clean myself when I'm in the coach. That's looking pretty good compared to a two-week "catch-up on everything" in two weeks here at home.

Got AT&TUverse hooked up today. So far for the same price as Comast, it looks awesome. Have to reprogram my favorites shows though. for the first time ever we have HBO. Now it's sure not to have any new interesting series lol.

I'm whipped. Chemo tomorrow.

Judy in KW

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Came here earlier today, read Judy's post and had to go take a nap, now I think I can respond. Makes me soooo jealous that there is so much energy here, but I try to think of the positive side of it and say, "that'll be me soon".

Nasty little storm just blew thru here, 60, maybe 70 mph winds, rain, whirly air, it was bad enough that Maxwell was scared and he doesn't seem to be afraid of anything. Was gone just as soon as it got here.

I have to agree with everyone Eric, you are never boring. I think it must be a hoot taking your classes. You are a very entertaining speaker, not often that someone can entertain just by wallpapering. We are a fortunate lot here.

PET scan tomorrow at 11, I feel very confident it will show the same things the last one did, lots of inflammation in my left lung, mostly dead tissue in my right lung and noooooooooo cancer. If it does then I still have a chance. Pulmonologist said the lungs are very resciliant and I should be good as new in about a million years, just gotta live that long.

Hope everyone is having a bang up day, well cept for you Bud cuz you're prolly on your bike.


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