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Eric at Glasgow Green

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Hi Everyone,

Sorry about the absence of photo captions,we were running out of time last night,Jennifer was getting bit impatient with me for collaring Chris for most of the evening posting here,so had to cut things a bit short.

If I may explain now,these photos.

Glasgow Green,the oldest public park in the city est 1450AD has a long interesting history(Refer to wikipedia)Michael Jackson performed here in 1992.

Pics 1 -11 Obviously motor bike stunts

Pics 12-14,Built by the Royal Doulton Company to celebrate Queen Victorias reign,recently restored at a cost of £2 million,shows four empire scenes,Canada(as shown for Bruce)India,Austrailia,and South Africa.

Pics 15-17 This building was copied from the Doges Palace in Venice,You will never guess what it was built for?You did?Yes its the Templetons Carpet Factory,my mother worked here for years ,training women to operate the machines,sadly now converted to a Business Centre.

Pic 18 Fountain again.

Pics 19-20 Glasgows People's Palace Museum and Greenhouse Refectory,Musuem has loads of ordinary Glaswegians artefacts over many years gone by,dates from 1898,well worth a visit.

Pic 21-Billy Connelly

Pic 22-Exported all over the world now,our national other drink,and hangover cure,coming soon to a place near you(if you are to be lucky)dont forget you first saw it here.

Pic 23 -"The Scramble" An ancient tradition in Scotland,a married couple leaving the Church throw coins out their carriage/taxi for future good luck,the kids scramble for the coins.Photo date? 30s-40s?(forgot to look)

Pics 24-25-WW11 Posters.

Pic 26 WW11 Bomb shelter for Brits placed in their back gardens.

I think the rest are self explainitory,thanks for viewing.

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OH,the wee girl with the purple? jacket with the Dj with the microphone,was about to perform in the kids karioke,she is from Austin Texas,what a lovely accent she had,could have listened to her all day.

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Hi Trawna,

Thank you so much for your kind comments,I am really surprised and pleased that you knew the large horses were Clydesdales,I actually remember these horses being used to transport goods around Glasgow as a small boy,usually with open wagons carrying sacks of coal or oak whisky barrels,now sadly all gone,who said we have made progress?

Just read of your late husbands story,I am really sorry for your loss,you are right, we need to beat this disease into the history books.

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Clydesdales used to be the sign of Budweiser beer. So most folks of a certain age in the US know them!

But I did want to say that those kangaroos are creepy - some people don't like clowns, this could turn me off 'roos.

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Hi Stephanie,

I didnt know about the budweiser adverts using Clydedales.I thought the roos were cute little animals,particularly the female one,did you notice the little baby roo in her pouch,I could have easily taken her home with me,but its where to keep her,Sally I think wont take to this roo either?

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