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Responses on cards


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OK guys!

Have already gotten personal feedback on the card-sending circle.

Some "receivers" have written to say they were in tears at the kindness of YOU who had sent them cards!! How much it meant to them and how it made their bleak say brighter...... HOW GREAT IS THAT?

Let's kick it up a notch for those of you who want to join in.

I NEED ADDRESSES....please PM or E-mail me with your address if you don't mind receiving a card or two or a dozen! :wink: and also contact me if you want to be a "sender" (cards or handwritten notes, anything from the heart will do)


I have had requests for addresses for :



Lenny's Wife

So if you have them or if you guys wish to give your address, PM or e-mail me.


GOD BLESS all of you who are making a difference everyday. A Card or a Note seem like such a small thing...but it make a BIG difference to know that you are being thought of and that someone out there cares.

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How do you determine who gets our address? I don't want some, excuse the pun, wierdo or crazed person getting my address. I don't want to seem unappreciative but it could happen. We have to be realistic in this world. I appreciate all your help. I would be willing to be on a board to send out cards or ? Please let us know. Thank You!

God Bless


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There isn't a fool-proof screening process. Those that "send" cards also give me their address too, so it's not just me distributing addresses to anyone out there who wants it- I have their contact address too.

It's the best we can do and I do understand the need for annonymity and security for anyone not wanting to do this.


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Hey Katie,

You have my Address. Just let me know what you want me to do! I'm trying to get back in the grove of things. My hubby just HATES going to the Card store with me because he knows I buy ton's of cards about every three months. I send cards to members of my support group too!

I know from when I was in the hospital this last August and November, I was just THRILLED with all the love and supportive kind loving cards that some many of the members on this board sent to me. SOOOOOO NICE!

And I also know it gave me that extra boost to get well real soon!

Thank you EVERYONE!

Let me know Katie what you need from me.

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I received so many flowers while in the hospital it amazed....cards were wonderful because when I was alone, there was something to signify the love I was surrounded by that I could touch.

I would be happy to help you in the card category.


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Katie, let me tell you that the cards I received after my fathers death were of such a comfort to me. I am in the process of sending thank yous to you guys-my husband couldn't believe that people we've never met could care so much!!!

I keep telling him to have more faith in people, because when you do, you open yourself up to so much love and caring, and it makes the tough times in life more bearable, and the good times more fun!!! Thank you ALL so much. Take care, Deb

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