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Where are we?


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I don't recognize anything I'm seeing out the window. Oh, wait a minute. I see water. Is it Lake Michigan, the Atlantic ocean, or the Pacific? They're all pretty big.

And Snowflake, are you still driving? I'm so far back in the bus I just can't see much. Also taking Vicoden for my knee. I still have the splint on my R arm and it's pretty heavy, so watch out. You really don't want to make me mad. Thanks for the apology, Flake. I'll answer your pm very soon.

Somebody, please tell me where we are.



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You're in good company Muriel, I'm all at sea too! Snowflake was still driving last time I pushed through the crowd and got to the front of the bus (if you'll save my seat I'll go check again).

Have we picked Eric up yet? If so the water could well be the Atlantic, sheesh it could be the Indian Ocean for all we know........water's water isn't it.

Okay Snowy, let us know where we are please - we don't really care we're just curious about a time for meeting Ned.

How's the gas gauge? Do we need to pass the hat round?

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Hi Murial.

Here am I standing at the highest point in Glasgow,the Flagpole at the top of Balgrayhill,with my telescope,trained on the Atlantic Ocean.I have to report seeing the odd yacht passing by,a few cargo ships and one ocean liner,sad to say you are nowhere in sight,did you remember to turn north at the Azores?Think I wait here until nightfall,and then send up a few flares,I got them in a cheap lot from a Titanic memourobilia sale.

So I dont hold you back,when you arrive,I have brought everything with me that I will need for the trip,please advise if you think I have forgotten anything?.

1. One change of sox and underwear.

2. Two boxes of nails for the Hawaiian girls (fingers crossed

I get lucky)

3. One Yamaha accoustic guitar,for a sing song with Donny

on the bus.

4. 3 cases of White and Mackays and one of Drambuie.

5. 5 crates of Irn Bru,for subsequent sore heads.

6. 4 packs of Haggis sandwiches.

7. 1 set of bagpipes,just in case someone can play and join

with Donny and I.

8. 2 pairs of Hawaiian shorts,you know the colourful ones

that comes down to your knees.

9. My Kilt and sundries,just in case we get invited to the

royal household,tell me when we meet the King and

Queen,do we rub noses or am I confusing this tradition

with the eskimos?

10. One Caber (15 feet long)I suppose it could be lashed to

the roof rack,as well as for recreational purposes,it would

be handy should the keg bus sink, crossing the Atlantic

cos I would give us something to cling on to until we

are picked up by a passing ship.

Well I think that just about completes my list,I will be setting off my flares approx a 11pm to-night,keep an eye out for them,theyll be a bright reddy colour

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I can't remember, Katie. (It's probably just an age problem, since I finished chemo 6 yrs ago.) Are you on the bus? Where on the bus? I'm so far in the back I'm lucky to have not fallen off. Hanging on tight, after Denise's experience with Patty as a driver. Hope you're with us. You can bring kids, dogs, hubby.


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I have a response (many, maybe) to Eric's list of questions. But, I don't have time to deal with it now.

Katie, I don't blame you for leaving the family at home. It's hard to keep kids occupied during long trips. And, who know how often we'd have to stop for potty trips for the dogs. Thanks for leaving them in TX.

Snow, please tell us you're still on the bus!


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Funny you should mention the Azores, Eric, I'm very familiar with the place...lived on Terceira for two years, matter of fact.

We are in the Pacific, waiting our turn to go through the Big Ditch. We may have to drop lines in Lake Gatun and pull up some Peacock Bass for dinner. If I remember correctly, they're darn good eating and have to be skinned versus scaled. (Lived in Coco Solo, Panama, for two years, as well, and have fished Gatun Lake and eaten the bass). The locks should be opening soon, and we're twenty-second in line behind that Princess Cruise ship and some container ships. It would be nice if they would just wave and not toss items onto our roof deck!

Everyone get your cameras ready so we can document that oil spill we see so much of on the news. We'll see if it's really clearing up or a bunch of Big Brother BS...

Sorry it was so quiet, I fell asleep at the wheel. Katie must have been sleeping, as well, since I woke myself with my snoring and no one else seemed to notice. Good thing we were only three days off course! LOL

Gotta run, need to pay attention to the line, someone else needs to run some commentary, hard to drive this bus and type!

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Phew, I'm glad Muriel brought this up. I was just snoozing and scared, having no clue where we were. I knew it was not Lake Michigan. It's big but not THAT big. Can get across it in about four hours!

Can't wait to get to Eric and try those Haggi's. Only four sandwiches Eric? Going to have to try that bass that Flake is talking about. I will try that Irn Bru though. Don't do well with a lot of wine, which explains why I've been sleeping so much!


See you soon!

Judy in MI

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We are through the two sets of locks on the Pacific side of the Isthmus, side trip out of the shipping lane in Gatun Lake with some lines in the water. Thank goodness for those tropical drinks or we'd have a case of scurvy on board. Who's up for another Pina Colada? Somebody grab that cabana boy!

I'm thinking we should scoot up to New Orleans on the way through for some Cajun cooking, then swing by KW Judy's place and pull in to Margaritaville for a cheeseburger and something to drink... :roll:

Keg bus is rolling...

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Hi Everybody,

Still at the summit of balgrayhill,had to buy a small tent,you were taking so long to get here,you might have told me you were still at Panama,caught up in a log jamb,I dont have any flares left now.I am suffering a bit of altitude sickness,as I am approx 300ft above the River Clyde.Look if you are steering through the gulf of Mexico,mind and take some jerry cans with you,could be handy for the keg buses next service,oh by the way,I wouldnt count on Judy being at home in key west,think shes just boarding her battle bus to skedaddle out of town for a couple of months,again,(shes still in bother with the IRS and some creditors,it would be much simpler if she just came to some financial arrangement with them,than all this taking to the hills stuff).

Judy MI,ahem,only four haggis sandwiches?,can I change that,you were taking so long I have eaten them all and I am onto my third bottle of Irn Bru.You are right I was thinking too much about getting the alcohol quantities right,i didnt give much thought about the food,nothing that cannot be fixed,theres a Costco at the bottom of the hill,so I will replendish the food stocks prior to your arrival.Now talking about fish,oh we have so many favourites here,Scottish Smoked salmon,Haddock,Kippers,and Arbroth Smokies,my mouth is watering with just writing this down,better hold back on the fish until you arrive,dont want to board the bus,with you thinking I was a wee bit whiffy.Anything else foodwise you require let me know.

Gosh Becky,youve certainly been round the block a few times,never knew anyone who had been to the Azores before,nor Panama either when I think about it?why I am thinking of that Noriega chappie?Becky you havent been bringing any of that white powder stuff on board the bus have you? if you have better throw it overboard,Scottish police have plenty of dogs with big noses you know,you dont want to be put into that cell again,wearing that funny coat you had on in your last cell visit.

Well its starting to get a bit dark now,think I should call it a day,you obviously wont be arriving to-night,you being at Panama an all.Must remember to get new batteries,for my lamp in my tent,its getting difficult to read by its light,well good-night all,maybe catch you in the morning.

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Why didn't someone wake me up? When did I get on this bus? Who are all you people? A floating bus? I feel like I woke up in 1969 again. I definitely need that white powder, it's the only thing that keeps my foot odor under control, what, oh, a different powder, nevermind. Think I'll curl up in the corner with my guitar, While My Guitar Gently Weeps anyone?

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