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Morning All! Caps for all you working Joes and Janes finishing up your work week. Saw your Thurs Air Bud. Stan eats ice cream every night too. Unfortunately not the low fat or sherbert lol. Katie, even as old as I am I can remember the dramatic life changes that occured each school year. It meant adjusting to being in charge of you own life for brief periods of each week day to OMG lol.

Sleep very well for a steroid night. Been talking to the onc and chemo nurse and am going to cut back on them again. Alreadly eliminated the pills and will try cutting back the intravenous from 20 to 10. Didn't communicate it early enough this time so maybe next. Think I slept good because of the lack the night before.

Well, the kids aren't coming til Sun now. Stan's alread in the coach so I'd better go help him. We're cleaning and making up the bed and starting to reload what we can for the next trip.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning Judy. I hope you are having a great day. I know that those chemo drugs or the ones that go with them can pretty much wipe you out. Johnny would sleep most of the time he was there then all evening and most of the next day.

What kind of motorhome do you have? I do miss those days of camping and traveling. It has been hot here but not as hot as normally, still I hear of people going to the coast to camp and I get a little jealous. lol

Well I guess I had better get into the shower and then try to see the dentist before fitness class. My new dentures have made some very bad sores in my mount. Despite that they make me feel so much better. You just can't imagine how many problems that TMJ can cause and how not having dentures can set it into a bad state.

I am still having a problem getting started in the morning. I don't have to hurry to take Misty out so I tend to loose track of time. Have a great day everyone. Try to keep cool.

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Hi everyone,I havent posted here for awhile so I quess today is the day even tho not much new here, Finally starting to reap a few awards from my garden. Getting plenty of tomatos and cucumbers and the sweet peppers are starting to fill in nicely. I hate to be like our former vice president but does tomato have an e on the end or not? My wife tells me I do a great job of butchering the english language. Are there any other gardeners out there? Hope you all have a nice weekend and for those of you still going thru chemo and treatment my prayers are with you.

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Weather ditto,where the devil is that great shiny thing in the sky gone?on vacation to the USof A methinks,could you send it back please,youve had it long enough.

Sally's at work to-day I pick her up in an hour,just dropped my sister Irene and her husband Pat off at a posh wedding,silly me asks them, when getting out my car,how are you getting home? I am picking them up in Motherwell to-night at midnight,well past my normal jammies time,dont mind really.

Gosh its quiet to-day,everyone on vacation?Judy have a great Sunday with the kids,they keep you young dont they?

Hi Mike,good to see you here,its my daughter that has a MA in English,but my understanding for what its worth its tomato singular and tomatoes plural.Good to hear of your gardening prowess,I have never tried growing fruits or veggies,grass,flowers and weeds is my limit.

Hi Lilyjohn,Thanks for your passing remark "Try to keep cool",I am currently rummaging through my bottom drawer looking out my wooly jumpers,so go ahead just rub it in.OK what is worse heat stroke or frostbite?

See you later guys and gals.

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Terrible year for tomatoes - well, unless you like large green plants! But we've harvested 4 small fruits and there are many green ones coming along, so maybe it will be an abundant September. We've got long trails of volunteer winter squash plants - setting their odd fruit - last year half were small pumpkins and half were small, uncuttable tan squash. The rhubarb that we though died this spring is up and looking lovely. Sometimes it pays to just give plants some time.

It's Seafair here (sorry, I did not go to any of the parades and take pictures for you - not even of the Pirates.) Not my favorite time. There are hydroplane races - I think people go to get sunburns, drunk, and hope that someone crashes. The sunburn part may be the most unlikely this year as the sun is late arriving each day. We are also besieged by the Blue Angels - synchronized jet plane show - they fly over the house close enough that I think they can part my hair. Here they come!

Here's a link with videos from last year:


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