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Morning All! It's late morning but I had to get up and hustle if I wanted to go to town with Stan. He's an early morning kind of guy but I can usually hook him in if I'm ready by nine. I had to go to Office Max and wanted to do the grocery store with him--rare for me but lately I'm really trying to watch my weight so that means getting what I need to help me. Plus the grandson is coming for five days so have to stock up on his favorites.

Got really naseaus while shopping and forgot to take zofran with me. Am sitting now having taken it and then two ginger snaps (from the Amish store on our trip) and a cup of tea. Hope my stomach settles soon.

Lilly, we have a 40-ft Country Coach, a second home really. Stan and I continuing to work and travel to jobs with it makes it possible. I've stopped my bitching about working.

Mike and Stephanie, I miss our gardens up north more than anything--flower and vegetable. At one time we had a home with an acre of ground and that's when I canned and froze for the winter. Tried growing down here a couple of times but the work is not worth the very meger yield. We had a neighbor who moved away and since died who did a fair job with container gardening. Just neve got the knack for that tho I trie it.

Eric, so sorry the sun is not shinning for you. We'd gladly send you some if we could. It's much brighter here in KW than anyone needs. You are very gracious about picking up you friends after the wedding--many of us know how very late midniht is to us now lol.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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You will have to share some of those canning recipe's with me Judy. Too late for this year but I will certainly have a garden in next year along with a greenhouse.

It is sunny here today but you can't see it. We have alot of forest fires in the area. Yesterday you could smell the smoke but the wind is stronger today and it is really bad. Just looking across the street you can see the blue haze in the air. Think I'll stay inside as much as possible.

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Been gone for a couple of days. Went to a Christian Leadership Summit that went from 9AM to 6:30PM each day. It was awesome but exhausting. Now, back to normal stuff.

I see my Onc. for my six month check up on Wednesday. No CT scan though so I feel like theses appointments are a waste of time. But, I am planning on having a serious discussion on the muscle spasms. Maybe he's got some ideas.

Killer headache today. Too much stress in hubs life right now, and he's taking it out on me. I think I will go take a nap as I just don't feel well.

Take care,

Judy in MI

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You will have to share some of those canning recipe's with me Judy.

Will be happy to. Seriously, I went to USDA Extension Services classes and everything. Would you believe I'm still hanging on to all the old handouts? What a packrat. I just said not too long ago that I needed to find someone to give them to. Bruce, they are really old lol.

Judy in KW

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They are usually the best kind Judy. And what is really great is they would be in imperial measurements. This Metric system just came in as I finished school so I still prefer imperial.

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