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eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

At last,woke up to a lovely sunny blue sky morning,although weather forecast was for another band of rainclouds heading our way from the Atlantic,hoping they got it wrong.

Sister Irene phoned on friday eve,to come and pick her up earlier and to just come straight into the reception,which I did,the bride was really beautiful,still wearing her white dress,in my day,the bride changed out of her dress earlier in the evening to feel a bit more relaxed,appearently now these dresses are so expensive,theyve got to get their monies worth?all the guys in the wedding group were in full highland dress looking really smart,I got married myself wearing the kilt,which surprisingly,you may think was quite unusual at that time for guys,things have changed,you dont see a wedding in Scotland now where the kilt is not worn.The stange thing was when I entered the room ,stangers were coming up to me and saying Hey,you are the guy in the video,Eric isnt it?My sister works for a huge Civil Engineering Company called Jacobs and she had posted my college video onto the companies internal mail,I felt like a film star,well I joined into the party spirit,leaving earlier was forgotten about and I had a great time.

It just dosnt stop,got invited to a housewarming last night,Irenes sister-in -law Susan (of Sumo bikers and hikers)has moved into a beautiful new house,loads of neighbours,relatives,bikers and hikers,including Claire the Boss,I had a great time,including playing hide and seek with Max.Seems Susan has chosen a great neighbourhood to move to,all the neighbours are lively and friendly.Well bang went the diet again,loads of great food,well we dont want to see it going to waste,when it can go to my waist instead.

Bruce,I wish you well on your retirement plans,youve certainly got a great house to move into,wishing you many years to enjoy yourself.

Oops,times racing again,neighbour Betty just phoned to give her a lift to ABC,gotta get showered and dressed.Oh back to work to-morrow- ouch.

Have a great day everyone.

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thanks Eric Just popped in and dropped a note to a new member and thought to stop for a second ! Great Pictures all the way around! Be careful Darth Vader is trying to take over the country!!! the fair looked like a ton of fun!!

ABC ?? Alcohol beverage Control??? statewide run alcohol sales of hard stuff????

Bruce!!!! Happy retirement Ya deserve it big guy and say hey when Ya see Alex!! You guys rock up there!!!! oh and dont work to hard after all it is Re TIRE Ment!!!

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Hi Randy,

Good to see yah,ABC = Airdrie Baptist Church,no I havent been dooked,I have been going for years,like the singing and the people,still looking for answers,hope the penny will drop eventually.

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that's ABC to me over here though but So happy I was wrong!! Sounds like a great church !!

One of these days I might actually go to C3G here in Town!!

M younger days Church turned into all about the money and stopped going but never stopped believing!!


C3G in Greensboro! Looks like fun atmosphere and not stuffy or anything!!!

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Morning All! Thank goodness the kids got a late start from Port St Lucie. Due in within the hour now. I slept almost 12 straight hours. Odd when it was only the 3rd night after the chemo/steroid infusion. Don't know but maybe it's been due to what I feel like has been non-stop activity.

Went to John's in Duval Sq last night. No neighbors in town to join us. I went to please Stan. Didn't really care to get ready and go out and eat to much myself. Held it down to a side salad and one and a half pieces of pizza. First time I actually ate pizza there but you know when you just have the yen lol.

Well am off to do a couple of things in the coach before they get here. I'll be a little scare this week. The boy is staying.

Judy in KW

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Thanks Randy and Eric. I built a retirement home just can't afford to retire yet ! Just maybe work a little less and not as stressful jobs.

Judy I'm sure that you will have a great week and I'm sure Stan appreciates you going with him.

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Hi Everyone,

Just got back from our cottage up north went up on Thursday night. Was very nice and relaxing. Went on the speed boat two days in a row, my body is killing me from all the bumps and giggling around. Ugghh think I need a more comfortable boat, neck cant handle taking the kids tubing an hitting all those wakes in the water.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Eric, good luck going back to work in the morning. First day back is always the hardest.

Judy, I sure hope you have a good visit with the kids. I hope you will be able to sleep better soon. Those steriods help in so many different ways, but they sure know how to keep you up at night! Hope that goes better for you soon.



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