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Yeah...that I am. Blessed. Today as I read the paper, I read of a young 42 year old woman that died of lung cancer.

Man!!!!!!!!!! Freaks me out. I see over and over young folks dieing of this disease. And I wonder....why not me? How did I get a pass on death from this? And yet I did. I called my doctor and demanded a CT scan for no reason other than the fact that my Mom, Aunt and Uncle died of lung cancer. I thought it a good idea to get a scan "just to be sure". Imagine my shock when 3 hours later my phone rang with the doctor telling me that I had the disease...lung freaking cancer.

This is just what I just said....INSANE.

So, today is 3 years from diagnosis. I see my Onc. this week. I'm not sure why I see the Onc. when no scans are done, but up to this appointment, I had scans each time, so maybe I just get to celebrate no scans. I don't know. I think that a scan gives me confidence in knowing the beast is not killing me, and yet??? Maybe I need to trust my Onc experience in knowing when to scan and when to not.

To say life has been good since diagnosis is not something I can shout out. I had foot surgery that has almost crippled me. In addition, I had to have my eyes operated on due to damage from the steroids given during chemo. And on top of that is the worst of it. unexplainable, excruciating muscle spasms that no one can explain. I've had times when I've pleaded to God to take me, the pain was so horrid. Other times I'm like, okay this is liveable, not great, but I can handle it. All I can say is that it is what it is....God won't give me more than I can handle....

Hang in there.,,,,,it's all okay....trust me

judy in mi

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I was diagnosed in March. It hasn't been pleasant, but I am responding positively to chemo so far and, aside from the fatigue, I am withstanding the side effects quite well. My wife has been a Gibraltar of support.

Last week one of my wife's coworkers went to the doctor complaining of a cough. He was diagnosed with lung cancer the same day and told there was nothing that could be done for him. Their company arranged to transport him to New York for hospice care near his family. He is just days from death.

Somehow it doesn't seem fair. Like you, Jopette, I feel blessed.

Long may you survive!!!!

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Hi Judy,

3 years today from dx?,congratulations,wishing you of course, oodles and oodles of more years to post here.Sorry missed your birthday note,Happy Birthday,hope you can have a great celebration.

Hi Van,my very best wishes for you,hope you sail through your remaining treatments.I will be two years from my dx this October, and like the others posting here,I feel we all are blessed,long may it continue.

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Congratulations on three years, Judy!

I'll bet most of us have seen lung cancer horror stories close to home. A couple of years before I was diagnosed, a man here at work was admitted to the hospital, feeling very sick, and jaundiced. They did exploratory surgery and found that the jaundice was from lung cancer that had spread to his liver. It had already spread lots of other places, too. They closed him up and told his family he had two weeks or so to live. He died four days later. So, he went right from work one day, to the hospital the next, to surgery the next, to dying four days after that. And all this was a year before his planned retirement.

So, yeah, I'm thinking that three years is a great reason for a celebration. Congrats!

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