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Monday's Air


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Morning All! Know I have to get in here and give everyone Air. Eric is busy getting back to work, or recuperating from going back to work????? Can't get the time zones straight lol.

Wendy and her SO brought Dominick yesterday. They stayed the day and we had a nice visit. Dominick will stay til they pick him up on Friday. Shorter visit than usual but he's getting older and has activities that he doesn't want to miss at home. He's on a demo team that does performance Karate at local events and recently started keyboard lessons. I'm glad he has things that interest him.

Donny, I hope you are reading. Dominick and I have been ready My Alliances by Aspirin. Remember you recommended the author last year. It's a good thing the kid has an awesome memory because we have been reading it for ages since we aren't together overnight that often. I couldn't wait to tell you what he said last night. "This book is really strange. It sounds like it was written by someone who was high." LOL LOL My reply was that well, it was recommended by an old hippy. Seriously, we have really enjoyed it.

Hope you had or are having a good first day back to work Eric.

And Bruce, I'm not going away til next week and it's not for a week it's for TWO MONTHS. Hope Stan can handle me for that long in the RV. I'm the one riding shotgun saying "are we there yet?" lol Randy, we'll be blowing through the Carolinas to get to a job in OH so I'll wave as I fly by.

Made a list yesterday. Off to start tackling it. Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 80 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 100. I modified my route a bit, since I found a multi-use path through a park that connects two neighborhoods and lets me stay off a busier street and avoid a traffic light that my bike just won't trigger.

I took the kayak fishing on Friday and rode 53 miles from home on Saturday. Yesterday was Rose's birthday. I took her out for dinner, but the rest of the day, I just stayed home and annoyed her (that's my job).

MI Judy, my oncs are doing the same as yours, wanting me in for six month checkups even though I've been moved to annual scans. I think they just want to do blood work more often than once a year, although with lung cancer, I'm not sure how worthwhile that is.

Bruce, I'm in a similar retirement situation. I say I'm ready, but my budget says I'm not. We downsized to a smaller home that I was able to pay off this year, but there won't be much of a retirement income other than Social Security, and I'm still over 2 1/2 years away from being old enough for that. Still, I'd like to work less hours until I can really retire.

Have a great day, all!

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Well folks it is just another warm, sunny day in the knife. By warm I mean around 75 and not the high's that alot of you people get. Summer's here are great with very little rain, sunshine every day with temp's in the 70's and of course 24 hour's of daylight. Help's make up for the cold winter's.

2 month's with a shotgun rider Judy ??? Stan is my hero. Just teasing ya sweetie I'm sure it will be a great trip.

Bud, I've been debating this move for awhile. I make a really good salary here in the north and will definitely take a drastic pay cut moving south. But I have pretty well everything there now that I need with the new house, equipment, etc. I guess I will alway's have a "wish" list. But I think now my priority is changing from making money to just living comfortably and enjoying life more. I remember talking with my Oncologist at our first meeting and he was asking about my future plan's. i told him about my hobby farm and his word's were " do it sooner than later "

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Good Evening Everyone,

Its 10.30pm sorry I am late,I do have another note of excuse from my mother.Weather to-day ditto I think,our new staff room has windows all right but they start about ten feet from the floor,we would need to erect a scaffold to see the weather.Beautiful sunny day yesterday,Sally and I found the carpet for the bedroom pretty quickly,so it was back home to relax top up my meagre suntan,and read my WW11 POW book,talk about lucky,briefly,the Scot gets rounded up by the Japanese at the fall of Singapore,does a death march,works on the burma railway,shipped to Japan,sunk by a torpedo fired from an American submarine,arrives in Nagasaki ,just in time for the dropping of the A-Bomb.However survives the lot and is now 91 years old and teaching computing to OAPs,think he believes in God.Oh he also gets to meet the American submarine crew that sank him,after the war,it is a great read,just the last chapter to read to-night .(Hate it when you come to the end of a good book)

Thanks Judy first day back ok,clear up emails and ansaphone,meeting staff to discuss move problems,stuff misplaced / cant find frustrations,suppose to be expected,got 2 weeks to get our act to-gether before the students arrive.Gosh lucky you another two months on the road again,I cannot keep up with you.

Hi Bud and Bruce,just reading about your plans for retirement,I was preparing for retirement on my 60th birthday 2009,this included hard landscaping my back garden,I designed it as low maintenance,with raised Yorkstone planters,new monoblock drive and porch,all done in a continental style,that I could relax,read, barbies with friends and Bang,LC dx 2008.The reason I am telling you this,I was off work from Oct-Mar through the miserable winter months with not enough to keep me occupied,I hadnt yet found LUNGevity yet,that was a further year down the line.I had too much time on my hands,and found I was moving from anxiety to getting depressed,going back to work really was my savior.I could now retire,I get a good tax free lump sum and half-pay pension,I would miss out a lot of pressure of my job,particularly with a major HMIe visit this year and the organisation of The National Competition this year.My concern is the return of anxiety I experienced previous,I know I cannot work forever,and will have to face retirement certainly max four years?Any thoughts on my concerns?

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