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Patricia Neal

Bud Baker

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Oscar and Tony winning actress Patricia Neal died Sunday at her home on Martha's Vineyard. She was 84. Neal had been battling lung cancer. In 1963, Neal starred in 'Hud' with Paul Newman, a movie that earned her an Oscar for her role as Alma Brown.

Patricia Neal Overcame Three Debilitating Strokes:

After the first day of filming 'Seven Women', Patricia Neal was giving her daughter a bath when she suffered a stroke at the age of 39. Once she arrived at UCLA Medical Center, she had two more and was taken in for surgery. She was comatose for 21 days and during that time, 'Variety' ran a story that the actress had died.

Patricia Neal had difficulty speaking and talking following her strokes. For a while, she wore a brace on her right leg and there was evidence that she was suffering from some paralysis. According to the LA Times, her therapy included swimming in a pool, crossword puzzles, and memory games.

"I loathed life when I first went back to England," Neal said. "I had exercises to do every day. My husband had people coming in to teach me — three a day. I wanted to commit suicide, but I didn't know how."

In 1968, Patricia Neal returned to the stage to perform in the play, 'The Subject Was Roses' and was once again nominated for an Academy Award.

Neal's determination to overcome these strokes and reclaim her acting career is chronicled in the 1981 television movie 'The Patricia Neal Story' starring Glenda Jackson. Neal became a champion for rehabilitation after going through her own recovery process and in 1978, the rehab center at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center in her hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee was dedicated as 'The Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center'.

You can read the entire article at: http://www.associatedcontent.com/articl ... tml?cat=40

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In 1968, Patricia Neal returned to the stage to perform in the play, 'The Subject Was Roses' and was once again nominated for an Academy Award.

Oops -that would be returned to screen.

Hers was a life tragic yet full. Lung cancer must have seemed a trivial matter. I wonder if she had treatment or was ready to be released from this world...

Peace to a fine actress.

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